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Some security tips that will become more professional as time goes on:

  • The following applies to CentOS-based XSCE school servers, towards downloading and automatically installing recent security patches & updates, that is if you have a reasonably fast connection, and are willing to take risks with certain packages breaking.
  • Run yum -y update --security if your system already has yum-security installed, typically via yum install yum-security. In the past we ran "yum -y update" but that installs far too many untested and diverse updates/upgrades across the board, adding features not directly related to security.
  • If you notice Wikipedia-like item are no longer accessible from http://schoolserver.lan, try running the following as root:
 systemctl restart kiwix-serve
  • If ownCloud updates itself, users visiting http://schoolserver.lan/owncloud may face error message "You don't have permission to access /owncloud on this server." Fix guideline forthcoming.