Ideas for non-OLPC educators

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This page collects OLPC-related ideas for teachers whose classes do not have OLPC hardware. That is, unaffiliated teachers looking at OLPC as simply a possible source of interesting things to do with their students.

Some ideas, copied from an email:

  • write their own book, collaboratively - might be nice to build a "day in the life" collection from classrooms around the world so kids can tell each other about their lives... what the students do every day will seem quite exotic to a child in Mumbai or Mexico City.
  • make their own games for the XO, if they're the programming sort - I don't think is ready for kids to program with yet, but Patrick's been making good progress and I've been talking with him about getting it to testers, it seems like a huge motivation to him to make this library usable by kids of exactly that age with little programming experience. It could be tested out as a "learn to program" mini-classw.
  • alpha test the review squad process - yes, alpha. there's not much stuff to actually review, so this requires kids with a lot of patience and grit, and a good amount of adult guidance... some grown-up who's familiar with the OLPC project would have to supervise them pretty closely.
  • Play with OLPC software on normal non-XO machines using the LiveCd, a Live USB stick, or something similar.
  • Are there opportunities for non-OLPC classes to collaborate with olpc schools?