Illinois Math and Science Academy Chapter

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This is the wiki-homepage of the Illinois Math and Science Academy Chapter. We are similar to a University chapter; however, we are a public, selective, residential 10th-12th grade institution in Aurora, Illinois. We were the first high school chapter in the world.


Ongoing Projects

Small group projects

We are working in small groups on a few separate experiments. Many were started during our intersession week of January 7-11, 2008.

Chapter Wide Goals

  • Organizing a summer research group
  • Developing an after-school program for Elementary Students near IMSA
  • Evangelizing more K-12 chapters around the world

Completed Projects

XOs on campus

There are currently many XOs on IMSA's campus, but not all of them work properly. If you are interested in playing with a machine, or in helping to fix machines as a part of [IMSA Service Model Research Project] contact Alex Goins, Jim Gerry or Scott Swanson.

List of XOs on IMSA Campus

Machine Number Machine Model With Whom Problems Colors (head/body)
1 G1 Alex Goins Extra antenna Cyan/Cyan
2 G1 Mirae None Blue/Light Green
3 G1 Christine None Light Green/Blue
4 G1 Miles None Yellow/Red
5 G1 Marat None Light Blue/Green
6 G1 Derrick None Dark Green/Teal
7 G1 Aditya None Yellow/Red
8 G1 Nilesh None Orange/Purple

For reference, [*] means that the XO is part of our IMSA Service Model Research Project.

If you are an XO owner and live in the Aurora area, and are willing to lend your XO to IMSA for special projects temporarily, please contact Scott Swanson. We would be forever grateful!

Contact Information

Try Gabi Heller, Alex Goins, Jim Gerry, or Scott Swanson. We also maintain an IRC channel, #olpc-imsa, on freenode.




  • 2009-2010: Sara Akgul, Jason Olson, Gabi Heller, Vlad Kontsevoi, Varun Pilla

Co-Chairs (Deprecated)-

Collaborators- Uchenna Agwuncha, Chrissy Mourafetis, Nilesh Kavthekar, Courtney Smith, Lydia Matthews, Maunie Hayat, Monica Kozbial, Marat Purnyn, Upashruti Agrawal, Xiaoyu Li, Natasha Arvanitis, Richard Song, Justin Novak, Diliana Dimitrova, Yusuf Aktan, Erik Luo, Nhan Huynh, Jelani Rowland, Dorcas Washington


If you are interested in becoming a member, contact Alex at [1].

Advisers- Scott Swanson and Jim Gerry

Past Advisors- Brian Sea

Founders- April-Hope W. and Kevin Crews