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Description & Goals

  For the general public

The Image Quiz Plus (IQ+) activity adds capabilities to the existing Image Quiz activity.

IQ+ helps the user to make a quick review of information such as vocabulary, spelling words, number facts, football statistics, .... The user selects a category which consists of a list of questions. The basic question type shows an image and a question. To answer the question, the user clicks on the correct part of the image. For learning vocabulary, the user hears an audio clip and is shown an image or set of four images. To respond the user clicks on the correct image or place in the image. Traditional flash card questions play an audio clip, display an image, or present a text prompt. The user enters a text answer. It is possible to have a question with no answer. The user responds with a + or - to indicate that the answer is known or not known.

The user's responses (correct or incorrect) are recorded according to the Leitner system. Questions which have been answered correctly three times in a row are considered learned and no longer presented. IQ+ provides an Options tab which allows the user to control this behavior. A special category can be created (collection). Questions can be added progressively to this collection. All of the questions will be managed according to the Leitner scheme. Collections could be created for the arithmetic facts, spelling words, or foreign language vocabulary.

A library of categories arranged by topic can be stored on the schoolserver. The browse tab on the menu allows the user to select a category to be installed on the XO (loaded into the local database of questions).

The user can create add or modify questions to categories in the local database as well as create new categories. New or modified categories are saved in the datastore and can be selected by restarting from the journal. IQ+ has a mime type of iqp which also allows new categories to be downloaded by the Browse activity and selected by the Journal activity.


A category can also be created using a text editor (e. g. Write) using a file extension .iqp. The format is XML.

<Quiz> <Card> <Question>How long is a string?</Question> <Answer>Twice as long as the distance from one end to the middle.</Answer> </Card> </Quiz>


Activity .xo file



Not yet available. It is currently under test with 8.2 (767). When it is functioning on the XO, the source will be uploaded. This should happen by then end of February 2009.

Features Needed