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JavaScript is a Lisp-like object-oriented language with a C-like syntax that was invented as part of the Netscape web browser. Although it has no relationship at all with Java, some marketing people decided that it would look better if Netscape could claim a feature named JavaScript.

The language was standardised by the ECMA under the name ECMAScript and this name is often used by open source advocates who wish to refer to the generic language, not one specific implementation.

The JavaScript engine from the Mozilla project is included in xulrunner which is part of the OLPC, and in Browse, the web browser.

You can take a look at the project OLPCities. It's an open source, modular project using JavaScript (not Flash) for the creation of on line web applications having the GameBoy style. You can create "Lots" or a complete "City" having activities. There are tutorials available about how to do this. And there are a protopype that you can play not only at the OLPC station but at some browsers (IE, by example), NOW!

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