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Using the collaboration tools for spelling tests helps the child with their literacy, and learning new words.

Created By

Pia Waugh on the advice of Australian teachers. Many thanks to Mrs. and Mr. Kiely for their wonderful input! An OLPC Friends Project.

Suggested Age Group

5-12 years old

Subjects and Skills

Literacy - spelling, vocabulary, new language skills.

Goals and Objectives

Every lesson the child covers words from a list of words defined by the teacher, and also words that the child has noted down throughout the day/week that they didn't know. The teacher can connect to the children's Write activity in which they are doing their spelling lists and help with corrections real time.




  • First ask the children to keep a running list of words they hear that they don't understand. It may be from class activities, from their parents, radio/TV/Movies and any other life experiences.
  • Write a list of appropriate spelling words for your class to complete every week.
  • Provide classtime for the children to go through the set words, and then through their own spelling words. Ask the children to work in groups of two, and to share their work "with the neighbourhood" and you as the teacher can join each group's Write activity and monitor their progress. Alternatively you could have all the children in the same shared Write activity working on different sections. Ensure the children know to save their work locally with an appropriate name for later review.