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Linux software typically found on other Linux installations than XO Laptops.

Basic commands

  • cd  : change directory (e.g. cd {path to directory}
  • pwd  : print working directory (tells you what your current directory is)
  • ls  : lists all in the directory (similar to "dir/w" on a Windows system)
  • ls -al  : lists everything in directory, including hidden directories (similar to "dir/ah" on a Windows system)
  • nano  : change a file (e.g. nano {path to file}) If the file is in the working directory, then you only need to type the file name.
  • cp  : copy (e.g. cp {path to file} {path to destination})
  • rm  : remove (e.g. rm {path to file})
  • mkdir : make a directory (e.g. mkdir {path to directory}
  • mount  : mount a usb device (e.g. mount /media/{usb_stick_name} (usb sticks are in the /media directory)
  • umount  : unmount a usb device
  • unzip  : will unzip a file (use with .xo)
  • -r  : recursive (makes some commands recursive, e.g. cp -r will copy the entire directory)

Advanced commands

  • wget  : get file from web (e.g. wget {url_to_file}
  • rsync : Advanced remote copy/mirror/update files/directory function

Expert commands

  • ifconfig  :shows network connections (enter command in root)
  • telinit 3 : shuts down sugar (the graphical environment), giving you a text-only Linux mode
  • telinit 5 : starts up sugar (the graphical environment) after having done "telinit 3" to stop it
  • ifconfig : reports your IP address
  • iwconfig : reports wireless network info
  • halt -p : shutdown

Popular packaged software

Popular addon/plugin software