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The following are dents/tweets suggested for the OLPC microblog. Please assist Brenda Wallace volunteering/editing here!

If you can help with long-form writing, please help the similar effort now underway to give OLPC's official blog a far stronger voice.


Tweets / Dents

needs work / research



  • Upper Canada College, Toronto took laptops and solar panels to Ntugi Day Secondary School in Kenya, now collaborate shared curriculum http://tinyurl.com/yhqpsv4
  • East African Community Secretariat 10 Yr Anniversary Involves OLPC #OLPC (QUESTIONABLE ASPECTS, FACT CHECK FIRST) http://www.eac.int/component/content/320.html?task=view
    All of the detail about OLPC is wrong here. We will be participating in those events; speaking on the 20th; but we haven't received details about the campaign, and the quote about the laptop cost and donation matching were apparently extrapolated from G1G1 2007 text?? without contacting us.
  • XO Laptop (picture of Walter) as one of 7 inventions that are changing the world.


I saw this but thought the comment in the middle of the article about XOs not being an option to most people and its suggestions of the Intel Classmate as not being a very good. What do you think?