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Warning: these are NOT OFFICIAL SPECIFICATIONS. The idea is simple. If we deploy 1,000,000 XOs in Korea, then there are as many Access Points in Korea also. Why not using those APs as key components of VoIP network.

So, our purpose is quite simple also; replace current wire/wirelss network with XO Communication Network regardless of voice or data communication

Mesh Phone is a low cost mobile wifi phone supporting XO mesh network. Belkin's Wi-Fi Phone is similar to our mesh phone prototype,;

  • if XO's 88w8388 (rather than Belkin's Marvell 88W8385 integrated 802.11g wireless MAC/BB and 88W8015 RF transceiver devices) are used,
  • if the same mesh capability as XO is provided,
  • if based on open source architecture, and
  • if available under $50 per unit.

We are contacting various vendors and communities to introduce those mesh phones when XOs are distributed to Korea.






Financial Information

The market size of yearly communication services in Korea will reach US$ 28 billions in 2010. XO Korea expect those communication expenses per year will be reduced to less than US$ 1 billions.

See details at Korean Mesh Network.