OLPC-NL Making Miles for Millennium 2008

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We, Harrie Vollaard (35) and Gertie Clabbers (32), are going on a 6-months trip starting May 3rd, 2008. We traveled before, but this trip must be something special. Not only the countries we want to visit, the transport in our Volkswagen minivan, but also the way we want to do it. We want to contribute something to the countries we visit.

In the year 2000 many world leaders made promises and signed an international agreement: the 8 millennium goals. One of them is; In the year 2015 there will be education for every child. The organization ONE (http://www.one.org) or the Dutch organization EEN ( http://www.een.nl ) is a grass root organization for and by civilians, which helps realizing personal initiatives and ideas which relate to the Millennium Development Goals.

We are particularly interested in modern tools and prior conditions which are necessary for good education. Therefore the initiative One Laptop Per Child (OLPC),which focuses on how modern tools can be integrated in a school system in a cheap but sustainable way, is an excellent project to make this millenniumgoal more realistic.

We will visit a couple OLPC projects on the way. In Mongolia (Ulaanbataar), Nepal (Kathmandu) and India (Khairat).In Pskov (Russia) we will try to initiate an OLPC project and we will visit OLPC Russia at Nizhny Novgorod. For more details for the pilot project in Russia look at: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Projects/XO_pilot_projects_in_Russia

We will contribute on several levels:

  1. Public Relations. We create publicity for OLPC.
  2. Operational: We actually help at project level.
  3. Tactical: We deliver consultancy at the projects on how to use/improve modern tools in a school system.
  4. Raise funds and sponsorship for the trip and projects

Interested in our trip and our contribution to the Millenniumgoals and OLPC? You can visit our websites.

If you want to become a friend and read our travelstories, please visit: http://hoemoetdatnou.hyves.nl

If you want information, please visit: http://www.metersmakenvoormillennium.nl

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