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This is a wiki, or publicly editable website, about the One Laptop per Child association and its projects. The wiki focuses on children's education, access to networks of collaboration, and access to knowledge in every region, in the local langugae, and for every age range and subject matter.

Articles about regions or groups address how they are engaged in these issues, and what current resources and collaborations are available there. Articles about people and institutions address what they are working on in these areas. Articles about topics, libraries, and websites address what material is available about or from them for the many target audiences.

Sharing information

This wiki is a tool for the community, to share information about their work and projects, to exchange ideas and get feedback from passers-by, and to provide shared space for people working on many aspects of education to discuss how to improve education and build informed communities through better collaboration and connection.

Related essays and projects are welcome here, from technical to epistemological. Every page invites comments; you can discuss pages via the discussion tab found at the top of each page. If you are new to wikis, see Wiki getting started for a tutorial.

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You can edit most pages via the "edit" tab; for help editing, see Help:Editing. Information is usually provided in good faith by contributors to the wiki: however, please check any information upon which you rely and help to undo any unhelpful edits and generally keep the wiki in good repair.

Licensing and copyright

Materials on this wiki are available under the Creative Commons Attribution license. For details, see OLPC:License.


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