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As information sprawls across the wiki, we're in constant need of help and efforts to keep it tame, trimmed, and usable - purging old/broken information and links, creating and updating portal pages for various user groups and topics, condensing screenfuls of discussion on talk pages into short, accurate, easy-to-read updates... I'm sure you can think of more.

If you'd like to help battle chaos, please join in - just edit pages, no need to ask permission. If you have a request for cleanup, post here. If you've cleaned up a page and want reviews/polishing final touches, post here. Go for it.

Also see Category:Cleanup for pages needing cleanup. Use Template:Cleanup to mark pages in need of revision by adding the words {{Cleanup}} to the top of the article.

Pages needing final touches

Areas needing attention

  • Glossary could use some thoughtful expansion. Jargon serves a useful purpose as shorthand for technical discussions, but it also poses a substantial barrier-to-entry for new contributors. A more extensive Glossary would be very helpful in allowing outsiders to become insiders.
  • Accessibility
  • Games
  • Emulation
  • Communities (including encouraging various communities to get organized enough to make a frontpage, similar to Community:Art)
  • Pilots
  • Table of Contents - Revise or Remove Katie 10:30, 29 January 2008 (EST)
    • or merge ideas into Site map (w/ redirect from one to another)
  • Category:Linux software
    • create standardized format for these pages for consistancy, and remove duplication
    • find all standard linux software, tag w/template
    • search wiki for 'yum' and 'wget', likely they need this tag.
  • Examine core wiki pages, (i.e. top pages, or ones in Site map ??)
    • Check for current/correct information
    • move any 'beta' or 'prelease' information else where.
    • Consistency: headers, format, structure, etc
  • review all templates
    • check for duplication, merge if needed
  • review User boxes
    • create consistency,
    • establish best order, if lots on same page
  • review Headers (i.e. page headers)
    • create consistency,
    • establish best order, if lots on same page
  • review Software, and sub-categories
    • Some pages cross over, separate into categories

Clean-up tasks requiring admin privileges

Current major creations and overhauls


Open tasks for the Health Category

  • Create a health OBX for interested participants to mark themselves with (should add people to a "Health People" category, or similar
  • Clean up the Health Database page.

Weekly zine

  • document discoveries, or pages of note