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OLPC uses the RequestTracker ticketing system from Best Practical for tracking support requests, volunteers, and many other things. The public RT is at http://rt.laptop.org

Draft Strategy

Please read and comment on the draft.

Documentation Project

  • Current Status
    • Web: vserver instance on solar
      • installed in /usr/local/encap/rt-3.6.5/, configs in /etc/rt3
    • Database: Postgresql
      • where?
  • Medium Term Goals
    • RT 3.8.x
    • RT on it's own box, or a bigger host
  • Long Term Goals
    • ...

Hot Issues

holt's and the SG's top N<20 wishes for next G1G1 from RT #14244  :

  1. RT #14349 RT should show requestor's stalled & resolved tkts
  2. RT #14350 From: help@laptop.org: Fixed
  3. RT #14352 CC and BCC to username: mail out
  4. RT #14353 CC and BCC off RT should work: mail out
  5. RT #14354 Intermittant slowdowns: Performance -> Upgrade, Move
  6. RT #14355 Timed reminders:
  7. RT #14356 Metadata (incl Categories!) and workflow problems (cleaner Default Views?): some Upgrade, some Configuration
  8. Linking tweaks: mail notify (and extra verification or undo): Configuration, mail out
  9. Scrubbing data from inside tickets and attachments: Upgrade
  10. RT should notify ticket owner when someone makes a comment: Configuration, mail out
  11. Support product Tracking Database?: additional product,Upgrade
  12. eg RT #13768 ticket fails to fully display BUG: poss Upgrade
  13. RT #15235 RT/solar disk fills up too often, causing serious RT loss of service: partial dupe of 5. RT 14354 Shared Server -> Upgrade, Move
  14. blocked and missing incoming emails: mail in
  15. RT #15643 Why did RT erroneously email the Requestor rather than the Owner: mail out, configuration?
  16. RT #16859 3.8 upgrade: Upgrade, Move
  17. Tickets in multiple Categories? (working) Separately: Multiple Queues -- still a difficult issue -- even if overlaps w/ 7 above: RT #14356
  18. Cleaner Default Views for beginners/all, including Category as a column? See 7.

Management priorities (from Kim):

  1. RT #19032 Weekly ticket statistics