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WalterSeth is working to fix factual errors and outdated information on non-wiki websites (primarily http://laptop.org and http://laptopgiving.org). Please list critically needed (read: will lead users into a dead end) edits here in as much detail as possible. This isn't the place to give suggestions on how to redesign/overhaul the entire website - try to keep it to fixes that can be made in 10 minutes or less so we can get things changed immediately.


The email address has a higher priority than the tracking number.

If you enter something into both fields, the email address determines the response.

IMHO, this is bss aackwards. The tracking number should provide the best source for data in the database since it's unique. There could be multiple orders per email or folks could be using the wrong email address. Even if they put in the correct tracking, they'd get the wrong information.

(Yes, the instructions say enter email OR tracking. I hope nobody here is going to argue that folks actually read instructions 8-) )

Also, there should be some examples of valid reference numbers. Folks have received many types of numbers (Paypal, etc) they don't always know what is being asked for.

Here are some:

"Order numbers are always 10 digits, but could be in the format 
70000xxxxx, 80000xxxxx, 9xxxxxxxxx, or 252xxxxxxx."


  • should mention Ethiopia is the 6th country receiving G1G1 laptops
  • no link to instructions (Kim's "if your order is still lost" escalation instructions - not sure if these are online in a place other than this forum post) in case your laptop hasn't arrived by the listed date.

--sph0lton says: "Not true, the server does not treat the reference identically....click it and see. And at any rate we really need to get a valid domain name into that URL because otherwise anybody could set up a phish server at an IP address and cause loads of trouble. IOW: we (they) are leave ouurselves exposed."

The above URL is the same as http://web1.greenwoodhall.com/laptop_giving/get_tracking.php.

"We are working hard to ship all XO Laptops. If you live in Canada, you should receive your laptop in the January/February timeframe. Most laptops to US based donors have already shipped. You can check on the status of your laptop by visiting www.laptopgiving.org. You will need your reference number or the email address you used when donating. If you are unable to track your laptop or have not received it, please contact OLPC Donor Services by calling 1-800-201-7144 for assistance"

The link is broken; this is after asking for an email ID to track an order (and confirming it with my real email; fake emails get bounced back to the ID-entry page).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. go to
  2. enter "sholton(AT)mindspring(DOT)com" and click Submit
  3. click on the ". You can check on the status of your laptop by visiting www.laptopgiving.org." link.



This site is registered to mbletsas, but only goes to a "parked by GoDaddy" page. At the very least a redirect to laptopfoundation.org should be put in place.




  • Translation refresh needed. For instance, most non-english versions of these pages still list Walter Bender as president.


* http://dev.laptop.org/ ^ links to Trac_tickets which is broken Greg fixed 02:18, 22 July 2008 (UTC)


The main page says "If you are having trouble using the lists, please contact mailman@lists.laptop.org."

Doing so gets you a message from "mailman-ownerlists.laptop.org" saying:

You are not allowed to post to this mailing list, and your message has been automatically rejected. If you think that your messages are being rejected in error, contact the mailing list owner at mailman-owner@lists.laptop.org.

This is a very unhelpful help request mechanism and may easily keep people off lists.


http://planet.laptop.org/ has no contact information and the planetmaster@laptop.org address bounces messages back. It might be nice to provide some sort of contact mechanism.

Media Lab

http://laptop.media.mit.edu/ is freaky old looking (green crank prototype) and has a dead wiki link to http://pedia.media.mit.edu/wiki/One_Laptop_per_Child

Requests, but not urgent

from alc: Provide data to users that enter only email addresses and have multiple orders. Why can't it just show the tracking numbers and let the user pick?