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The OLPC wiki can be effectively integrated with many different pieces of infratructure around OLPC.

  1. Trac, for tickets
  2. RT, for email inquiries and responses to contact emails
  3. git, for code and readmes in repositories
  4. FAQ and OLPC:FAQ
  5. fuentelibre and other related wikis
  6. Forums, both 'official' and other
  7. OLPC:Community Portal and OLPC:Watercooler


See OLPC:wiki for details of the gitweb extension which can transclude documents from git in the wiki.


There is a simple trac extension that autolinks a trac ticket number to its trac page. Details on OLPC:wiki.


There is currently no rt extension; requests and ideas are welcome.


There are currently a few effective classes of FAQs : one that shows up on olpc fora, and the Support FAQ and FAQ on this wiki. There is currently no simple way to add an FAQ entry that shows up in the 'right section' of the FAQ...

Suggestion: it would be helpful to have something like a Semantic MediaWiki form that takes in a category in addition to core FAQ items and publishes an FAQ to the appropriate page in the Help: namespace.


  • How about trying transclusion between OLPC and Sugar Labs wikis? --FGrose 21:14, 30 March 2009 (UTC)
  • Any Trac wiki transclusion projects? --FGrose 21:14, 30 March 2009 (UTC)


There are currently two major forums, neither of which is automatically posting updates to the wiki when they receive new posts.


The main page talk is the effective watercooler or village pump at the moment; it is not being used very effectively as a source of discussion.

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