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This page was created by a member of the free volunteer community supporting OLPC.


List of all Islands in the Caribbean on the wikipedia

List of Islands

  • OLPC Curacao
  • OLPC Commonwealth of Dominica Mons George-Dill re DAAS monageorge@cwdom.dm
  • OLPC Haiti
  • OLPC Jamaica — About 25 people from The University of The West Indies, Jamaican
  • OLPC Bahamas Ryan Murray westvilla@hotmail.com - Contact to join private sector, University of Technology, Jamaica Linux Users Group and private citizens
  • OLPC Saint Lucia perrylendor@yahoo.co.uk Please Contact to Join
  • OLPC Trinidad and Tobago SvenAERTS228 at gmail dot com Please Contact to Join. Am going to talk on the CO2e-potential of OLPC and paying them with CO2e-certificates and other innovative financing techniques on 2011 july 5th. I've been paid by OLPC for 2 months to work on this topic. --SvenAERTS 21:23, 20 April 2011 (UTC)

OLPC link Caribbean info

Please copy/paste any links with info that is specific to the Caribbean and OLPC here. There is such info in this wiki already, but it's scattered.


  • 2011 july 5th, Tuesday: Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business – the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine (“Lok Jack GSB”), Trinidad and Tobago. Sven AERTS: OLPC, CO2e-certificates, how to make money, attract sustainable jobs and investments to your region and Financing the Transition to the Low Carbon Economy. Please contact me if you are interested to team-up on this date or around this date at this place. --SvenAERTS 21:23, 20 April 2011 (UTC)