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OLPC Chicago Interest Group

The Chicago Interest Group is a way for people in the Chicagoland area to talk about and work together on OLPC.

We aren't (currently) trying to bring OLPC to Illinois, we're just interested in the project and assisting with the project.

Mailing List

Mostly this is a mailing list. If you are interested, please subscribe to the mailing list.

Future Activities

There's interest in a Sugar/XO/OLPC sprint/hackathon, scheduled for June 2 at the offices of skinnyCorp (4043 N. Ravenswood ave, suite 106) around 10am. We'd get together for a day and work on the project. This would help people become familiar with the environment and share their experience.

There will be pizza. There we be several XO laptops, but you should bring your own laptop as well.


We're thinking about working on Choose Your Own Adventure.