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2007 status: orange
现状 : 橙色

100美元电脑的推广重要的不是产品,而是推广理念。在一个教育产业化的国家推广这种理念很难。 给孩子们一台连接世界的电脑,他们可以在互联网的知识世界里遨游,这是美好的一面,可困难也是存在的:

  1. 贫困地区的家庭绝大多数没有网络条件,怎么实现连接呢?
    • 能不能使用收音机,通过声音加密远程传输文字信号?
    • 可以在小孩子们之间建立无线局域网,直接让小孩子上网并不好,考虑到网上这么多垃圾信息。huangyi

OLPC的XO电脑使用Sugar操作系统,而且本身所选的内容都是有助于学习和健康的内容。 XO电脑可以通过无线连接School Server上网,而School Server可以过滤垃圾信息。

  1. 孩子们都没有接触过电脑,谁来教他们使用呢?有问题,谁可以帮助他们呢?
    • 老师或者志愿者
      • 可以对老师进行计算机培训,志愿者也不错,到时候我也愿意出一份力啊,呵呵。huangyi


  1. 我们中国的地区的传统中小学教育和用笔记本电脑自学的模式如何结合呢?发挥最大的作用呢?
    • 我觉得首先还是利用它在中小学中进行计算机教育的普及。huangyi



 * 中华人民共和国教育部 [1]
 * 中国儿童信息中心 [2]


 * OLPC FANS [3]

欢迎来到 OLPC 中国

Localization experience

The program Application Program: Test of ability with arithmetic may or may not become produced, yet if you wish to try adding some strings for localizing into Chinese you are welcome to do so.

Continuing the project

Right now, I'm conducting a feasibility analysis regarding the future deployment of XO Laptops to Chinese schoolchildren, and I wish to continue the project by deploying more laptops (Preferably with support from OLPC APAC) through the use of crowdfunding and the Ministry of Education (Hopefully) for capital to buy XO laptops and to pay for transportation costs. I am however in need of manpower and volunteer support to do so and to complete this project, but I am in the extremely early stages of starting this project. I hope to deploy by December, 2014 to a school of 30-150 primary students. Rural is acceptable. There is a need for a localized keyboard.

A list of possible areas where we could deploy in the future include (Kedong County) (Changle, Fujian) (Guizhou) (Yunnan)

Preferably in Urban areas first where transportation of laptops would not need pack mules, sherpas, etc ~Jimmy Chen (me[at]jimmychen.com) [Please note that I cannot read or write Chinese.]

The project essentially failed due to lack of support from OLPC asia. It would simply not be feasible to deliever laptops without enough volunteers, only being 4 volunteers willing to pay to go to China. Only $19340 has been secured, and due to infeasibility, the grants provided has been returned for other organizations to be granted funding.

Related projects in China

Disaster and rural relief : 1kg.org

1kg works to get packages of food, relief, and school supplies into rural parts of the country.

Photos of tent schools being set up by them : 1, 2, 3.

People involved : Isaac M.

Primary Language ,|x|Language spoken::x}}
Number of Laptops Number of manufactured laptops::1000
Keyboard Layout Keyboard::OLPC English Keyboard
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Deployment Status Deployment status::Getting a Chinese localized keyboard for a larger deployment; this was a stopgap measure to support students in Sichuan whose original schools had been affected by the earthquakes in 2008.