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Summary of the first OLPC Europe IRC Meeting


People participating

  1. h01ger		Germany
  2. crazy-chris	Austria
  3. Gregor_Marco	Germany
  4. sjoerd		Netherlands
  5. l-fy		Romania
  6. ChristophD		Austria
  7. b457144n		Netherlands
  8. ryd		Germany
  9. rwh		Netherlands
 10. yokoy		Germany
 11. sj			Boston
 12. _bernie		Italy/Boston
 13. aferti		Greece/Boston
 14. samy		France

First Part

Set of common guidelines


  • Agreed: OLPC Europe can be a good contact point between Boston and local groups
  • Agreed: Help in Remote Deployment
  • Agreed: OLPC Europe doesn't do pilots but helps the grassroots
  • Be a platform for exchanging / borrowing Laptops for events


  • Agreed: the olpc europe guidelines need a proper voting procedure or something to find consensus (today we said "agreed" when in fact not everybody agreed but only 90%)
  • Agreed: most people want to keep the infrastructure focused on laptop.org with discussions about extensions if required
  • Log: most people want to get involved / contribute time to olpc europe


  • Log: mburns and isforinsects (Seth woodworth) are talking about a consolidated blog, covering pilots and other communities
  • Basically Agreed: use OLPC Europe as a starting point
  • Basically Agreed: use grassroots mailing list at the moment (l-fy protested)


Please see OLPC Europe/Events for a list of events and people participating


  • OLPC Europe/Events/FOSDEM
  • Log: People at FOSDEM: Bastiaan, Sjoerd, Jens, Holger (Maybe: Chris, Joko), Most likely: Bine & Willem
  • h01ger has three main goals with the fosdem event: 1. meet each other. 2. tell others we exist. 3. start olpc europe (this already happens \o/) - h01ger expects people from >30 european countries at fosdem

Other Conferences

Who has / needs how many laptops

  • Log
  • In France is 1 xo, there will be one borrowed via OLPC Austria for the Solutions Linux
  • NL Group has also only 1 xo
  • Exchange / Borrow laptops for events via o-e
  • OLPC_Switzerland has one from an individual (User:Vorburger) and is contact with OLPC Austria to get two XOs owned by the group in the short term for OLPC_Switzerland/Events/OpenExpo2008, and hopefully more in the medium term, for a school pilot in discussion.

Next Steps

Next Meeting

OLPC Europe/ToDo

Project at dev.laptop.org

  • Please send your ssh key to Holger if you want to get access
  • Purposes
    • Documentation
    • Presentations
    • Information
    • Code
    • Press Material


  • Pages for events / meetings -> OLPC Europe/Events/...