OLPC French Keyboard

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French keyboard

French keyboard
XKB KEY HID key unmodified shift alt gr alt gr shift ctrl fn comment
0x38 110 esc HK_01
0x79 140 HK_00 search
0x3A 112 XK_ViewMesh F1, analog 1
0x77 141 HK_02 analog 2
0x3B 113 XK_ViewFriends F2, analog 3
0x76 142 HK_07 analog 4
0x3C 114 XK_ViewHome F3, analog 5
0x75 143 HK_08 analog 6
0x3D 115 XK_ViewActivity F4, analog 7
0x3E 116 F5, analog 8
0x74 144 HK_09 analog 9
0x3F 117 F6, analog 10
0x73 145 HK_10 analog 11
0x40 118 F7, analog 12
0x72 146 HK_11 analog 13
0x41 119 F8, analog 14
0x42 120 F9, analog 15
0x71 147 HK_12 analog 16
0x43 121 F10, analog 17
0x70 148 HK_13 analog 18
0x44 122 F11, analog 19
0x6F 149 HK_14 analog 20
0x45 123 F12, analog 21
0x6E 150 HK_05 bulletin board
0x5D 129 XK_Menu HK_06 frame
key <TLDE> 0x01 1 grave asciitilde dead_grave dead_tilde
key <AE01> 0x1E 2 ampersand 1 onesuperior exclamdown
key <AE02> 0x1F 3 eacute 2 asciitilde oneeighth
key <AE03> 0x20 4 quotedbl 3 numbersign sterling
key <AE04> 0x21 5 apostrophe 4 braceleft dollar
key <AE05> 0x22 6 parenleft 5 bracketleft threeeighths
key <AE06> 0x23 7 minus 6 bar fiveeighths
key <AE07> 0x24 8 egrave 7 grave seveneighths
key <AE08> 0x25 9 underscore 8 backslash trademark C-_
key <AE09> 0x26 10 ccedilla 9 asciicircum plusminus C-^
key <AE10> 0x27 11 agrave 0 at degree C-@
key <AE11> 0x2D 12 parenright degree bracketright questiondown
key <AE12> 0x2E 13 equal plus braceright dead_ogonek
key <BKSP> 0x2A 15 backspace delete
key <TAB> 0x2B 16 tab back tab
key <AD01> 0x14 17 q Q Greek_omega Greek_OMEGA C-Q
key <AD02> 0x1A 18 w W oslash Oslash C-W
key <AD03> 0x08 19 e E œ Œ C-E
key <AD04> 0x15 20 r R 0x1000327 0x1000327 C-R combining cedilla
key <AD05> 0x17 21 t T 0x100032E 0x100032E C-T combining breve below
key <AD06> 0x1C 22 y Y 0x1000325 0x1000325 C-Y combining ring below
key <AD07> 0x18 23 u U 0x100032D 0x100032D C-U combining circumflex below
key <AD08> 0x0C 24 i I 0x100032C 0x100032C C-I combining caron below
key <AD09> 0x12 25 o O 0x1000323 0x1000323 C-O combining dot below
key <AD10> 0x13 26 p P 0x1000304 0x1000304 C-P combining diaeresis below
key <AD11> 0x2F 27 [ { 0x1000331 0x1000331 C-[ combining macron below
key <AD12> 0x30 28 ] } 0x1000330 0x1000330 C-] combining tilde below
key <CAPS> 0xE0 58 control
key <AC01> 0x04 31 a A æ Æ C-A
key <AC02> 0x16 32 s S ssharp ssharp C-S
key <AC03> 0x07 33 d D eth ETH C-D
key <AC04> 0x09 34 f F thorn THORN C-F
key <AC05> 0x0A 35 g G sterling sterling C-G
key <AC06> 0x0B 36 h H Eurosign Eurosign C-H
key <AC07> 0x0D 37 j J C-J
key <AC08> 0x0E 38 k K C-K
key <AC09> 0x0F 39 l L C-L
key <AC10> 0x33 40 semicolon colon masculine ordfeminine
key <AC11> 0x34 41 apostrophe quotedbl currency currency
key <BKSL> 0x31 42 backslash bar section section C-\
key <RTRN> 0x28 43 enter insert
key <LFSH> 0xE1 44 left shift
key <AB01> 0x1D 46 z Z C-Z
key <AB02> 0x1B 47 x X C-X
key <AB03> 0x06 48 c C ccedilla Ccedilla C-C
key <AB04> 0x19 49 v V C-V
key <AB05> 0x05 50 b B C-B
key <AB06> 0x11 51 n N ntilde Ntilde C-N
key <AB07> 0x10 52 m M mu mu C-M
key <AB08> 0x36 53 comma less guillemontleft guillemontleft
key <AB09> 0x37 54 period greater guillemontright guillemontright
key <AB10> 0x38 55 slash question questiondown questiondown
key <RTSH> 0xE5 57 right shift
key <UP> 0x52 83 up arrow page up
key <LSGT> 0x73 56 multiply division ISO_Next_Group ISO_Prev_Group HK_04
0xE1 59 fn
0x5B 127 XK_Grab_L
key <LALT> 0xE2 60 alt
key <SPCE> 0x2C 61 space XK_ViewSource
key <RALT> 0xE6 62 alt gr
0x5C 128 XK_Grab_R HK_03
key <LEFT> 0x50 79 left arrow home
key <DOWN> 0x51 84 down arrow page down
key <RGHT> 0x4F 89 right arrow end