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Please add your name, email address and how many laptops you want to the purchase pool below. Whenever the number of laptops people want reaches 100, I will coordinate a purchase from OLPC through the Change the World program. Laptops cost USD$259 plus AUD$15 for postage and so the Australian/NZ price will vary. I anticipate making a first purchase by the end of February 2009, so get your names down quickly.

Purchase pool

  • G Merrill (vickyngene@fastmail.fm) - 1 laptop
  • Pia Waugh (greebo at pipka dot org) - 22 laptops
  • Kardinia International College - 30 laptops
  • Daniel Harmsworth (atrophy at caffeinator dot net) - 1 Laptop
  • Reece Sheppard (reecesheppard at gmail dot com) - 1 Laptop
  • Brian Chapaitis (brian_chapaitis at sil dot org) - 2 laptops (for now)
  • CTS Network Services (cts-nsm dot png at sil dot org) - 14 laptops
  • David Cartwright (olpc at alkira dot com) - 1 laptop
  • Mitchell Seaton (meaton dot 2v at gmail dot com) - 1 laptop
  • Steve Glass (s dot glass at griffith dot edu dot au) - 2 laptops
  • Chris Burgess (chris at giantrobot dot co dot nz) - 1 laptops
  • Peter Cossey (peter dot cossey at gmail dot com) - 2 laptops
  • Nick Cross (nick.cross at aarnet dot edu dot au) - 2 laptops
  • Pulane Mpelega (pulie80@yahoo.co.uk) --1 laptop
  • Seaton OLPC User Group --21 Laptops

Total = 100