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Below is a list of OLPC Friends' tasks specific to OLPC Friends and regional projects in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. Please add your name and email address as sub-points to tasks you are working on, with any useful details/URLS, and once tasks are complete, please move tasks to the "Done" section. This Done section will be archived monthly.

OLPC Friends' Tasks

  • Addition of calendaring for teams to add events in the region - need to figure out
  • Creation of webform for teams/people to submit news, hackfest outcomes - the latter may be linked to calendar
  • Announcement to volunteers, community and existing interested parties
  • Creation of OLPC Planet - for OLPC related community news
  • Creation of custom Google search for regional OLPC news
  • Beatbox theme for forum to have same theme as main theme
  • Description of OLPC (or link to OLPC page)
  • Link to announcements list on website
  • Welcome email and news piece to newcomers
  • Addition of OLPC Friends links to Regional websites/pages once more established
  • Check with accountants about requirements for DGR status, including TFN - Pia
  • Fix theme to work with IE
  • Publishing of constitution - Silvia
  • Invite committee members once agreed - Pia

Hacking Tasks

  • Hacking on VideoChat application, to make the UI better, and the application more reliable
  • Easy to implement support for Java, MP3 and Flash for laptops - needs to be easy and quick to rollout
  • Customised install method to turn automatic power saving on, and change time zone appropriately (and correctly)
  • A way to lock laptops to a list of known devices to avoid unknown devices being able to communicate with children either in or out of the school environment. Currently this is being done by registering all known laptops, then turning off IDMGR on the server for safer school environments, but future implementations require more stringent safety

Content and Creativity Tasks

Please note all content rolled out on laptops must be Creative Commons licensed with no restrictions to ensure children have ability and freedom to mix and mash without legal concerns.

  • Creation of local content appropriate for 6-12 yr old including Indigenous content, languages and stories
  • Contribution of Australian music and art


  • Work on comparing OLPC content and activities with different education curriculums to identify gaps ad document for educators