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The LC-DC's Lending Library (L4DC) is an effort to expand the grassroots seeding efforts that we've started with our monthly meetups at our various meeting places. We will attempt to provide an enviornment by which people can start projects quickly and find a place to work alongside others with similar interests to do new and exciting things with the XO and Sugar.

You can view the archived L4DC proposal elsewhere.

Laptop lifecycle

  1. Laptops are received and unboxed.
  2. A collection stick will be inserted in all the laptops, gathering their identifiers.
  3. The resulting LAPTOPS.DAT file will be sent in a (prefereably GPG signed) email to the activation.l.o people
  4. A group of developer keys will be returned. The collection stick will be converted into a "key injection" stick, and the stick will be inserted into each XO.
  5. The script replaces the OLPC keys with the L4DC keys and upgrades the firmware to the latest version
  6. (optional) The software on the XOs is replaced via NANDBlaster

And now for the distribution:

  1. A request is filed with one of the L4DC librarians (Mike Lee or Kevin Cole). This can be done via email or (preferably) during a OLPC-LCDC meeting.
  2. The request is approved and machines are selected from the stock.
  3. ML/KC collects the serial numbers of the XOs via the collection stick
  4. LF/one-of-the-above will generate leases for those XOs for the desired amount of time.
  5. The XOs are lent out. If the lease expires, then the laptops no longer will boot up, pursuant to Bitfrost. Additional leases can be granted as needed.

Some User Experiences

Alexandria School