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Please email complete request forms to:

  • undefined@example.com

L4DC loan request


Copy this entire Project Proposal Form into an email, then complete all 8 fields. Be concise!

Include your project title, and any countries connected to your project, in the subject line of your email.

1. Project Title & Shipment Detail

Name of Project: (WEB-PUBLISHED)
Number of Laptops (or other hardware) You Request to Borrow:
Loan Length—How Many Months:

2. Team Participants

Name(s) & Contact Info: (include all email addresses & phone numbers)
Teams of more than 1 person are not required, but favored!
Employer and/or School:
Past Experience/Qualifications:

3. Objectives

Project Objectives: (WEB-PUBLISHED)
Concrete proposals with defined, measurable outcomes are much more likely to result in a laptop than "it would be cool to play with these and demo them".

4. Plan of Action

Plan and Procedure for Achieving the Stated Objectives:

5. Needs

Why is this project needed?
In the greater OLPC/Sugar community?
Outside the community?
Why are you requesting the number of machines you are asking for?

6. Sharing Deliverables

Project URL:
How will you convey tentative ideas & results back to the OLPC/Sugar community, prior to completion?
How will the final fruits of your labor be distributed to children or community members worldwide?
Will your work have any possible application or use outside our community?
If yes, how will these people be reached?
Have you investigated working with nearby XO Lending Libraries or Project Groups?

7. Quality/Mentoring

Would your Project benefit from Support, Documentation and/or Testing people?
Teachers' input into Usability?
How will you promote your work?
Can we help you with an experienced mentor from the OLPC/Sugar community? (WEB-PUBLISHED)
If YES: specify the kind of Ongoing Mentoring that will benefit you most.
If NO: specify who will help you share your progress, creations & results.

8. Timeline (Start to Finish)

Please include a Proposed timeline for your Project life-cycle: (this can be in the form of Month 1, Month 2, etc rather than specific dates)
Include a couple milestones, even if tentative.
Specify how you prefer to communicate your ongoing progress and obstacles!
[ ] I agree to return the laptops at the end of the lease period.