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Arabic XO Manuals

The XO Getting Started Guide has been translated into Arabic as in available in pdf format (linked below)

The file was sourced from OLPC Iraq.

OLPC XO Laptop Getting Started Manual; English-Arabic Version


Primary Language ,|x|Language spoken::x}}
Number of Laptops Number of manufactured laptops::450
Keyboard Layout Keyboard::OLPC Arabic Keyboard
Build ,|x|Software release::x}}
Date(s) Arrived in Country ,|x|Has received laptops on date::x}}
School Server ,|x|School server status::x}}
Deployment Status [[Deployment status::Several hundred XOs delivered to refugee camp in Lebanon in September.

Believe they were given out with build 656 but should be upgraded once Arabic support is confirmed better in 8.2. Another 1000 out of 3500 total given to a refugee camp in the Palestinian territories.]]