OLPC Pakistan Activities

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Learn English Content Bundle

This bundle can be accessed from here

OLPC XO Manual Pashto & Dari

XO manual can be accessed from Here

OLPC Pakistan Books Library

This Library is created by using the books provided by UNESCO Pakistan. This bundle can be accessed from here

Literacy Kit for Non Formal Education

n rural areas of Pakistan education of a male child is emphasized and education of a female child is not taken seriously. OLPC laptop being the force of education to a child and his family, we have made available a non formal educational kit specifically designed focusing the female of the family. These publications come under the parents and community development program by the use of OLPC.

The bundle can be accessed from here

QURAN with Urdu Translation

We feel proud to make QURAN available on wiki. Before that QURAN was available but not with Urdu translation. From now on QURAN( Ver 1) is available with Urdu translation from PARA 1-20. Remaining will be completed soon INSHAHALLAH.

Special Thanks to http://www.asanquran.com/

Here you can Read.
QURAN Section 1-10
QURAN Section 11-20

Trana(National Anthem) Activity

This activity contains the National Anthem of Pakistan plus all time favorite Pakistani patriotic songs.

This activity works like an audio player for these famous tunes. This activity will help children to learn our cultural songs and make tunes based on these songs


Basic Math Activity

This activity contains the Basic Math quizzes of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division for children.

Here you can download Basic Math Activity. File:BasicMaths.xo