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OLPC Philippines grassroots group


Mabuhay! Welcome to OLPC Philippines

OLPC Philippines (OLPC PH) is a grassroots coalition of forward-looking and like-minded individuals living in the Philippines and abroad who are working to bring the ideals of OLPC to Filipino children.

Please join and share your ideas - people who are eager and willing to jump in are very, very welcome.

To join the group's mailing list, subscribe to olpc-philippines and participate in the discussions.

To keep abreast of the latest developments on the OLPC program in the Philippines, please check regularly this page and linked pages.


EKindling Incorporated was registered at the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission as a non-profit corporation on May 21, 2010. EKindling continues to collaborate closely with local government units and corporate and individual benefactors on several OLPC deployments. Recently, EKindling was engaged by Procter and Gamble (P&G) as ICT for Education Program Design Provider via P&G's e.Studyante program blogspot.com/2012/03/estudyante-program-2012.html. These collaborative efforts have inspired similar OLPC initiatives nationwide.

  • PCOLPC now known as the CHILD OLPC Foundation Philippines (COFP). This is the only non-profit foundation registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that is continuing the OLPC initiative of Nicholas Negroponte in partnership with various community groups.


In 2010, a pilot was deployed at Lubang, Mindoro.

One hundred XO 1.5-laptops were distributed to Grade 4 students of Lubang Integrated School and Maligaya Elementary School, with a formal launch on 6th December 2010. The media was invited to cover the event.

See the project page for more details.

For 2012, another pilot has been organised by the CHILD OLPC Foundation Philippines (formerly PCOLPC) in Antipolo, Rizal province in partnership with the Kiwanis Club. Interested parties wanting to participant or help support this project please go to our webpage PCOLPC for contact. We are currently soliciting donations in support of this pilot.