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This is page is for any qualified Philippine school to submit your proposal

please add another school below the example school Kalibo II thank you.

<googlemap lat="13.12228" lon="122.102051" type="normal" zoom="7"> 14.959463, 120.900764, Malaya Linux Users Group 11.702165, 122.368813, Kalibo Elementary School II / Aklan Special Education Center </googlemap>

MySchool's contact info

School full name 
Kalibo Elementary School II / Aklan Special Education Center.
School postal Address

Head Teacher Eng. Remia Donguines
Kalibo Elementary School II / Aklan SpEdCenter
XIX Martyr's Street
Pob. Kalibo
5600 Aklan, Philippines
School's telephone number 

Akin Ka-Tribu (Our Team Members in Kalibo)

Congressman The lone District of Aklan
Miraflores.jpg Hon. Joben Miraflores
Local XO-1 demonstration pending while awaiting delivery of a loner machine from OLPCPH in Bulacan
20-Nov-07 personally contacted @Provincial office in Kalibo and also E-mailed him several links to this wiki

Internet was not available to sit down with him while discussing benefits vs Intel/MicroSoft

Batasan Pambansa Office Tel +63.2.931.5001
Kalibo Office Tel 036.268.9796
Fax@Kalibo +63362689242
Fax@Batasan Pambansa Complex +63.2.931.5124
E-mail Official-WebPage http://www.congress.gov.ph/members/index.php?pg=info&id=miraflores

Member: Committee on Basic Education & Culture
        Committee on Appropriations
        Committee on Public Works
        Committee on Oversite
        Committee on People's Participation
        Committee on Government Reorganization
        Committee on Transportation & Communication
        Committee on .... several others not listed here due to space/relevance 

Vice Governor Province of Aklan Philippines
96px Hon. Gabrielle (Billie) V. Calizo

Office Tel +
Office Fax +
E-mail billiecalizo@yahoo.com
Snail Mail;

Office of the Vice Govenor
Provincial Capitol Building
5600 Aklan, Philppines

Vice Mayor Banwa Kalibo
Vice Mayor Kalibo.jpg Dra. Nilda Tambong, M.D.

Office Tel + Office Fax +63.36.268.???? Email lgukalibo@yahoo.com

DepEd Kalibo-II Public Schools district Supervisor
Romeo Tumaob.JPG Romeo Tumaob (retired)

Home tel. (private)
E-Mail Sorry he currently requests no direct contact

Newly promoted DepEd Kalibo-II Public Schools District Supervisor 
Blue ghost.jpg Jesus U. Lim would like to purchase one or more XO-1's for personal (family) use.

Office tel. +

Group PR & On-Site Tech assist & first contact
Chief mike.JPG Mike Kouklis Resident of Kalibo, Aklan. Currently setting up our future School Server with LAMPS+MOODLE Fedora-8(not-7), Apache, MySQL, PHP5, Squid + Moodle

Head Teacher 
Remia Donguines.jpg Eng. Remia Donguines Principal III

Office Tel.
E-Mail kes2.Principal@gmail.com

Special Education Teacher - Visually impaired and fast Learners (Science and Math) 
Johann Cawaling.JPG Johann_C. Cawaling

Email johann_cawaling@yahoo.com

Special Education for the hearing impaired 
MaryJoySuganob.JPG Mary Joy Suganob

E-mail maryjoysuganob@yahoo.com
Intermediate Level teacher for the hearing impaired 
IrmaJoyVidal.JPG Irma Joy A. Vidal
Email irmajoyadvincula@yahoo.com
Other Teacher's 
Blue ghost.jpg Armi Joy R. Advincula
Primary Level Hearing Impaired Teacher
Other Teacher's 
Blue ghost.jpg Maribel J. Sodusta
Advisor Grade 5 SPED (Fast Learners)
Other Teacher's 
Blue ghost.jpg Remi V. Hormillosa
Intermediate level Science & Librarian
Other Teacher's 
Blue ghost.jpg Marie Cherrie N. Yabut
Grade 1 SPED Teacher
Other Teacher's 
Blue ghost.jpg Terisita I. Tejada
Grade 2 SPED Teacher Fast Learners
Other Teacher's 
Blue ghost.jpg Renelyn M. Hormillosa
Grade 3 SPED Teacher Fast Learners & Children with Learning Disability (MR)
Other Teacher's 
Blue ghost.jpg Theresa M. Rogando
Grade 4 SPED Teacher Fast Learners
Other Teacher's 
Blue ghost.jpg Rosela I. Repolito
Grade 6 SPED Teacher Fast Learners & School English Coordinator

Non-Special Education Teachers

Other Teacher's 
Blue ghost.jpg Fatima R. Infante Grade I Teacher

Wilma I. Macato - Grade I Teacher

Recamina R. Alfaro _ Grade -VI Teacher

Norma J.Dela Cruz- Grade V- Teacher

Juliet B.Filomeno Grade II- Teacher

Clyde Y.Duque- Grade III-Teacher

Cecilia Y.Duque- Grade IV-

Pomposa S. Matorres -Grade III-Teacher

Nemia M. Romulo- Home Economics Teacher

Franklin F. Fernandez- Elem. Agriculture/ Industrial Arts/Mathematics Teacher

Danilo S. Vente- Utility Worker

Akin Ka-Tribu (Our Team Members up north of Manila)

Rowen Remis R. Iral

PhilNITS Society,
Fundamental Information Technology Engineer(FE)
OLPCPH Project Manager

Timothy(Tim) Paul B. Martinez

Founder: Malaya Linux User Group
Python programmer
Educator in heart and spirit.

MySchool's Enrollment Statistics

Grade Kinder 
Two teachers for a total of 78 students
Grade 1st 
Three teachers for a total of 119 pupils
Grade 2nd 
Two teachers for a total of 72 pupils
Grade 3rd 
Two teachers for a total of 85 pupils
Grade 4th 
Two teachers for a total of 89 pupils
Grade 5th 
Two teachers for a total of 83 pupils
Grade 6th 
Two teachers for a total of 72 pupils
Special Education Autistic/MR 
One teacher 35 students
Special Education Learning Disabilities 
One teacher for a total of 28 students
Special Education Hearing Impaired 
Two teachers for a total of 31 pupils
Special Education Visually Impaired 
One teacher for a total of 6 Students
Madrasah Classes "Islamic Values & Arabic Language" 
Two teachers 49?
Note: this includes a total of 198 students in grades 1 thru 6 whom
are enrolled in fast learners classes.

MySchool's Photo Gallery

Please no close-up photo's of children unless parental consent has been granted
to publish the photograph on the Internet.

Click on any of the Images below to show an enlarged view.

MySchool's Proposal

Please state all reasons that your school should be selected as the countries pilot school! as above all other school's

MySchool's epilogue

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