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2007 status: green
Текущий статус : зеленый

Country News

Russia is one of the countries that have expressed an interest at the Ministry of Education level or higher.

Here is a press release from the Minister of Education (in Russian) outlining plans for village schools including computer facilities. This was written before the OLPC project was publicised. Another statement answering questions about plans to place computers in every school.

OLPC Russia Meetings

The first OLPC Russia meeting took place on 3, Feb, 2008 in Pereslavl. A short report in Russian is at http://community.livejournal.com/ru_olpc/4923.html?mode=reply


  • Maxim, individual developer/translator
  • Biarm, educator, translator
  • kkv, educator, developer, translator
  • Evelina, developer, translator
  • Arina, developer, translator
  • Bea, developer, translator
  • kin, developer, translator
  • ...


OLPC Russia Pilot Project

OLPC Russia community is currently working on a proposal of an XO based pilot project. A brief description of the proposal is available at Projects/XO pilot projects in Russia

Below is the list of projects we are working on or going to work. Please note, that except localization these are on concept definition stage yet and you are welcome to join with ideas and efforts.


The following resources are considered higher priority for localization:

  1. Pootle (http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Pootle)
  2. www.laptop.org (http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Localization/www.laptop.org)
  3. Wiki - main page and content (http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Main_Page and http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Content)

This table contains a list of high priority entries for the Russian localization. If you are interested\willing\ready to translate one of these, feel free to enter you name and estimated time of competion in the appropriate cells.

Page to translate Translator Due
XO updater ? ?
Simplified_user_guide Biarm 12.26.2007
One Laptop per Child Biarm 10.01.2008
Projects ? ?
Pictures ? ?
Ask OLPC a Question ? ?
OS images for emulation ? ?
Rollout and community building ideas ? ?
Hardware specification ? ?
Demo notes ? ?
Software release notes ? ?
Distance ? ?

For a glossary of translation terms please refer to Translation terms

Note, that due to dynamic nature of wiki, it is recommended to watch a page you are going to translate, in order to keep translation up-to-date with original.

As several people may work concurrently on a same wiki page, it would be nice to mark intermediate versions with "in progress" comment, so one could easily know that the page is being translated just now.

Sugar port to Nokia N770/800/810 tablet

Many of ideas of XO interface "Sugar" are very useful for generic "connected device" concept. Purpose of this project is to provide "prove-of-concept" Sugar implementation, running on Nokia platform.

Hierarchical distributed storage

One of the most important limitations of XO laptop is permanent storage space. 1G is not enough for many modern applications. So it would be interesting to provide a possibility to store user data on remote hosts. Store reliably (in multiple locations), with optimal access policy to ensure efficient use of bandwidth.

One of possible solutions is to adopt Lustre FS for XO.

Sugar port to Slind

Slind is a small Debian-based Linux distribution. It supports variety of architectures and cross compilation. Porting Maemo to Slind will help wider adoption of XO platform on non-x86 based devices.

Mesh Networking

XO laptop has the ability to provide mesh network interface. Still there are some problems in mesh networking. Trouble with trafic controlling and speed occures when a number of machines is rather big. Still a number of laptops arranged in mesh network can be very big.

So my aim is to provide QoS of mesh networking.

Arcade game based on mesh networking

2D arcade/shooter multiplayer game. Planned to create multiple game modes, such as well-known Deathmatch, Capture the flag, Domination, etc. But without violence and in child-oriented setting. For example, different funny animals would jump across 2D map and "fire" each other with bananas, coconuts and other fruits. The game will support the connection and disconnection of players during the round, using mesh-networking technology.