OLPC SF Repair

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OLPC SF Repair

NOTE: Currently on hold.

We are not doing any repairs for a bit. Joachim Pedersen has moved. He does most of the repairs, so for now the repairs are on hold.


The OLPC SF Repair Center was started by Joachim to provide repair services to local XO users. For the time being, all repairs are performed by Joachim, however, if interest is great enough, OLPC SF Repair has the ability to expand into an official project at the Engineering Design Center at San Francisco State University.


The following are members of the repair center:


The repair center is up and running again, feel free to email: fixmyxo@gmail.com


  • Need based sliding scale labor ~$30

We follow the parts pricing recommended by OLPC, it is as follows:

  • For a tested screen: $80
  • Battery: $25
  • ALPS Touchpad: $20
  • Keyboard: $18
  • Power adapter: $15

In addition, the following services can be provided:

  • Fix bad motherboard batteries and the bricking that occurs because of it. - $10
  • Upgrading to the software build of your choice (767+ and the joyride builds) (may cause loss of data) - $5

Shipping/handling not included.

Shipping estimates:

  • Flat rate shipping via US Postal Service priority mail from zip 94112.
  • Or UPS shipping from zip 94112.

Car Charger

Car Charger

This is new. Currently in very limited quantities. Car charger has a robust 12 V plug with a 5A fuse and a XO-1 connector on the other end. We have a few that we bring to our meetings. Please send inquires about multiple quantities to fixmyxo@gmail.com


We have an OLPC Serial Adapter and can thus fix D6 brickings. Other tools required for fixing the XO.

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