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Thulani Madondo who leads Kliptown Youth Program is at United Nations.He is in US from the 18 May to 13 June 2008.He will be sharing with the world on how families can donate XO laptops to organizations. The Kliptown Youth Program joined the One here... One there team in Haenertsburg for the deployment of 100 XO laptops.


Paul Commons is coming to Pretoria (Hanaertsburg) in August 2008 with a team of volunteers to deploy 100 XOs through the Give Many program.


Cape Town

  • Upcoming Events
  • Past Events
    • 08 May 2007 - Cape Linux Users Group - "Developing Activities For Sugar" More information: [1]
    • 19/20 April 2007 - OLPC-ZA will be running a stand and showing off the XO during the Digital Freedom Expo at the University of the Western Cape.


Government Initiatives

ICT Initiatives

Schools Programs

Various schools development programs are currently active across South Africa.

Government Communications Programs

Government in conjunctions with some of the Telecoms providers like Telkom and Sentech has been working on improving the availability off internet connectivity to rural areas. Recently the government issued a law that requires of Internet Service Providers to provide schools with access to their services at half of their regular retail price.

Universal Services Agency

The Universal Service Agency, established in accordance with the Telecommunications Act 103 of 1996 as amended, was launched on 16 May 1997. At its inception the Agency primarily focused on the establishment of Telecenters, since then the Agency has grown to be involved in the following activities:

  • Telecentres in Schools and Communities;
  • provision of training in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services;
  • has conducted research into and kept abreast of developments in the Republic and elsewhere on ICT, and made recommendations to the Minister and Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) on the provision of universal service and universal access in South Africa;
  • subsidised telecommunications licensees to deploy telecommunications services in the under-serviced areas; and
  • has promoted and stimulated awareness of the benefits of ITC services.

The vision of the Universal Service Agency is to be the leading organization in the strive to promote the goal of universal service and universal access to Information and Communications Technology in South Africa.

Government information services

GCIS was established in terms of Section 7 (Subsection 2 and 3) of the Public Service Act, 1994 PDF PDF as amended and GCIS was officially launched on 18 May 1998.

GCIS's vision is helping to meet the communication and information needs of government and the people, to ensure a better life for all.

GCIS's mission is to provide leadership in government communication and to ensure that the public is informed of government's implementation of its mandate.

Department of Service delivery

Vision: To be a responsive public service that delivers on the government's commitment to a better life for all people of South Africa.

Mission: To render professional support to the Minister in:

  • leading the transformation process by developing appropriate policies and facilitating their implementation through strategic interventions and partnerships and
  • maintaining a functioning public service.

The department of public service and administration sees to the development of administrative policies and a legislative framework to facilitate the transformation of the public service, in order to enhance service delivery.

The policy and legislative transformation process of recent years has now shifted gears to focus on implementation and the restructuring of the public service. In this regard, the DPSA leads several major initiatives.

Investment Initiatives

Treasury Development Co-operation Project

NATIONAL TREASURY VISION 2005: The Treasury aims to promote economic development, good governance, social progress and rising living standards through accountable, economic, efficient, equitable and sustainable management of public finances.

OVERALL IDC VISION: IDC strives to ensure the optimal utilisation of Official Development Assistance (ODA), in the context of South Africa’s broader international relations, and in support of South African, regional and African development priorities.

MISSION: To contribute to development in South Africa through deepening and extending ODA linkages between South Africa and donors and shaping the regional, African and global ODA policy agenda. This involves the following:

  1. Deepening and extending ODA linkages between South Africa and donor countries;
  2. Deepening and extending development linkages between African countries through ODA;
  3. Shaping the regional and international development policy agenda; and
  4. Monitoring and evaluating ODA programs.

IDC will achieve its mission through engaging in activities that provide high quality research, professional policy analysis, support, facilitation and advice, with excellent coordinating services.

VALUES: /In performing its work, IDC is driven by the following core values: Excellence, Integrity, Transparency and accountability, Customer orientation and Innovation.

--Jaco Vosloo 04:26, 4 April 2006 (EDT)

Independent Organisational Initiatives

Shuttleworth Foundation


  • The Grassroots community Organization South Africa

Private Sector Initiatives

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