OLPC Turkish Keyboard

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OLPC keyboard layouts

Instructions for setting up keyboard switching in Terminal are on the Customizing NAND images page. On bilingual XOs, the multiplication/division key is replaced with a keyboard switching key.

Changing the language of the keyboard is independent of changing the language currently displayed. The language currently displayed can be changed by using the Language section of the Sugar Control Panel.

Membrane keyboard layouts

English (US international); Spanish (Latin America); Portuguese (Brazilian); Amharic (Ethiopic); Arabic; Nigerian (Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba); French; Thai; Urdu; Cyrillic (Russian); Turkish; Nepali; Mongolian; Kazakh; Devanagari; Uzbek; Pashto; Dari; Armenian; Khmer; Pulaar; Italian; Kreyòl; German; Chinese (Simplified); OLPC AZERTY

Non-membrane keyboard layouts

Starting with the XO-1.5 HS ("High School") edition, the XO laptop has a traditional (non-membrane) keyboard available as an option: English (US International); Spanish (Latin America);

Blank Keyboard Artwork

Artwork defining the inner dimensions of the membrane keyboard is available here: keyboard-blank.svg

Turkish (Q) keyboard

Turkish keyboard

Turkish (F) keyboard (not scheduled to be built)

Turkish keyboard
XKB KEY HID key unmodified shift alt gr alt gr shift ctrl fn comment
0x38 110 esc HK_01
0x79 140 HK_00 search
0x3A 112 XK_ViewMesh F1, analog 1
0x77 141 HK_02 analog 2
0x3B 113 XK_ViewFriends F2, analog 3
0x76 142 HK_07 analog 4
0x3C 114 XK_ViewHome F3, analog 5
0x75 143 HK_08 analog 6
0x3D 115 XK_ViewActivity F4, analog 7
0x3E 116 F5, analog 8
0x74 144 HK_09 analog 9
0x3F 117 F6, analog 10
0x73 145 HK_10 analog 11
0x40 118 F7, analog 12
0x72 146 HK_11 analog 13
0x41 119 F8, analog 14
0x42 120 F9, analog 15
0x71 147 HK_12 analog 16
0x43 121 F10, analog 17
0x70 148 HK_13 analog 18
0x44 122 F11, analog 19
0x6F 149 HK_14 analog 20
0x45 123 F12, analog 21
0x6E 150 HK_05 bulletin board
0x5D 129 XK_Menu HK_06 frame
key <TLDE> 0x01 1 plus asterisk notsign plusminus
key <AE01> 0x1E 2 1 exclam onesuperior excalmdown
key <AE02> 0x1F 3 2 quotedbl twosuperior twosuperior
key <AE03> 0x20 4 3 asciicircum numbersign threesuperior
key <AE04> 0x21 5 4 dollar onequarter onequarter
key <AE05> 0x22 6 5 percent onehalf onehalf
key <AE06> 0x23 7 6 ampersand threequarters threequarters
key <AE07> 0x24 8 7 apostrophe braceleft braceleft C-[
key <AE08> 0x25 9 8 parenleft bracketleft bracketleft
key <AE09> 0x26 10 9 parenright bracketright plusminus
key <AE10> 0x27 11 0 equal braceright degree C-]
key <AE11> 0x2D 12 slash question backslash questiondown C-\
key <AE12> 0x2E 13 minus underscore division division
key <BKSP> 0x2A 15 backspace delete
key <TAB> 0x2B 16 tab back tab
key <AD01> 0x14 17 f F at at C-F
key <AD02> 0x1A 18 g G C-G
key <AD03> 0x08 19 gbreve Gbreve
key <AD04> 0x15 20 idotless I paragraph paragraph C-I
key <AD05> 0x17 21 o O ocircumflex Ocircumflex C-O
key <AD06> 0x1C 22 d D yen yen C-D
key <AD07> 0x18 23 r R registered registered C-R
key <AD08> 0x0C 24 n N C-N
key <AD09> 0x12 25 h H degree degree C-H
key <AD10> 0x13 26 p P sterling sterling C-P
key <AD11> 0x2F 27 q Q dead_diaeresis dead_abovering C-Q
key <AD12> 0x30 28 w W asciitilde dead_breve C-W
key <CAPS> 0xE0 58 control
key <AC01> 0x04 31 u U ucircumflex Ucircumflex C-U
key <AC02> 0x16 32 i Iabovedot icircumflex Icircumflex C-I
key <AC03> 0x07 33 e E Eurosign Eurosign C-E
key <AC04> 0x09 34 a A acircumflex Acircumflex C-A
key <AC05> 0x0A 35 udiaeresis Udiaeresis ucircumflex ucircumflex
key <AC06> 0x0B 36 t T trademark trademark C-T
key <AC07> 0x0D 37 k K C-K
key <AC08> 0x0E 38 m M mu mu C-M
key <AC09> 0x0F 39 l L C-L
key <AC10> 0x33 40 y Y acute dead_acute C-Y
key <AC11> 0x34 41 scedilla Scedilla numbersign dead_caron
key <BKSL> 0x31 42 x X grave dead_grave C-X
key <RTRN> 0x28 43 enter insert
key <LFSH> 0xE1 44 left shift
key <AB01> 0x1D 46 j J guillemotleft guillemotleft C-J
key <AB02> 0x1B 47 odiaeresis Odiaeresis guillemotright guillemotright
key <AB03> 0x06 48 v V leftdoublequotemark leftdoublequotemark C-V
key <AB04> 0x19 49 c C cent copyright C-C
key <AB05> 0x05 50 ccedilla Ccedilla rightdoublequotemark rightdoublequotemark
key <AB06> 0x11 51 z Z C-Z
key <AB07> 0x10 52 s S section section C-S
key <AB08> 0x36 53 b B multiply nobreakspace
key <AB09> 0x37 54 period colon division dead_abovedot
key <AB10> 0x38 55 comma semicolon periodcentered periodcentered
key <RTSH> 0xE5 57 right shift
key <UP> 0x52 83 up arrow page up
key <LSGT> 0x73 56 less greater bar brokenbar HK_04
0xE1 59 fn
0x5B 127 XK_Grab_L
key <LALT> 0xE2 60 alt
key <SPCE> 0x2C 61 space C-@ XK_ViewSource
key <RALT> 0xE6 62 alt gr
0x5C 128 XK_Grab_R HK_03
key <LEFT> 0x50 79 left arrow home
key <DOWN> 0x51 84 down arrow page down
key <RGHT> 0x4F 89 right arrow end