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A terrible terrible assumption!

The less fortunate kids need laptops!....

To all you less fortunate well-wishers....

You need, more than your goodwill....a BIGGER, DEFINITE perspective...

I respect your intentions but not your ignorance...

quick question

I think I could contribute to the development of the software, could someone direct me to where get started? ie a FAQ

Have you tried the Developers link in the sidebar? —Joe 00:50, 9 January 2008 (EST)


How do we print info on this computer? please advise!!!!

(Sign your comments!) You could add printing support (probably best to ask on one of the forums) to Sugar by installing packages like cups, but this will only add to printing to conventional Linux software — Activities won't gain a print command. Printing is under consideration for a future release. Other alternatives are transfer stuff to USB and print from another computer, use web apps like Google Docs and print from another, or install a more conventional desktop OS (see Category:Linux distributions. -- skierpage 00:03, 13 November 2008 (UTC)

A terrible, terrible assumption.

I think, with all respect you miss the point.

This program as far as we are concerned is not about the laptops per se,

but about the educational potential and development of the children.

We work in Malawi in the educational field and are very excited at the prospects

offered by this scheme. We very much work in the real world and at the sharp end,

the potential for the children and thus for their communities is immense.

The future for these countries and their peoples must lie in their own hands, this

can only be acheived through education, not just for the privileged, but for all.

terrible, terrible assumption.

I feel this project is earth shaking. To offer people the opportunity to see and use what moves the world economy is outstanding. I travel in the pacific polynesian islands and see how things can change dramaticly with a 25 mile boat ride. This will even the playing field. If public sale is offered, it should have a markup donated back to the project. Every parent I know would buy one. What little kid dosent want their own computers.


I would suggest categorizing this page (probably as Category:General Public, Category:Press and possibly some other.--Xavi 15:49, 5 January 2007 (EST)

Please Add "help-AT-laptop.org" ASAP, Thanks!

Uncomment SJ's new "help-AT-laptop.org" graphic please -- prettified graphic with the correct font or not -- far too many emails are being misdirected to technology@laptop.org

Buzz me if I can help -- this is urgent :)

I've uncommented it for now. see if this traffic changes. Sj talk 05:18, 16 December 2007 (EST)

The language bar of this article

Please unprotect it to link the translated pages. -- LeeSI 04:21, 3 January 2008 (EST)

a mistake or real change?

  1. The columns of line 2 and line 3 looks be mixed up. Who takes 'help at laptop.org' E-mail?
  2. The official contact point and community channels may need to be classified separately.

Or, are the e-mails(and this wiki?) transfered to community? In the phrase "Contact us", who are the us? -- LeeSI 06:06, 22 January 2008 (EST)

Critical USB formatting--please clarify

I discovered a critical factor in a successful activity pack update, and it was not at all clear from the documentation. Please update the page to make this clear, so folks like me don't waste hours in frustration.

The documentation states that you should format your memory stick as FAT16 with long filename support. I put my 4Gb memory stick into my currently-patched Windows XP machine, and selected "Format drive". It brought up a dialog box, with "FAT32" as the format type. This is the only choice there was, so I assumed that it must be right. Formatted, downloaded per instructions, plugged it into the XO and followed the directions. Got a lot of text, something called a "kernel panic" (that doesn't seem like a Good Thing!?) and then it spewed some more error messages later. I tried it several times, on two different XOs, and neither one worked. Finally gave up around 5am to get a few hours sleep before work.

Tried some more this evening, still no go. Tried various combinations of files in the root directory, directories with no files in the root, etc. Nothing. Pulled out another memory stick to see if it was hardware. This one's only 1Gb, and when I went to format it ***I HAD TWO FORMAT CHOICES***. And one of 'em was FAT. I don't know if that's "FAT with long filename support", but it's one more choice than I had before. So I chose that, loaded up again per instructions, fired up the XO and THIS TIME IT WORKED!!!

Please....for the benefit of us unwashed masses who "just want it to work"....describe in exhaustive detail exactly how the USB stick should be formatted, and what limits there are, if any, so far as size of the USB stick goes. Further, please re-word the language regarding file organization to make it clear exactly what sort of file structure is expected. From the wording, I don't know if you meant that I should manually extract all the files and then transfer them to the root directory, or whether they were ok to live in the directories that they were extracted to when they unzipped onto the USB stick. The text makes reference to a structure which does not look the same as what comes out on the USB stick.

MGF 09 September 08

Current price of this laptop?


What is current price of this laptop before taxes? I found new on ebay, but they are incredible outpriced(~150$). Yes it was a good price for 2008, but now we have 2012... Btw - are there produced fully automatic or not? Because this generate most cost...

See also

Educational Contacts
contacts in the 'green' countries that can help with material, deployment ideas, etc.