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Leave thoughts and tentative submissions here. put real submissions directly onto Das Seite an sich


Looks like the domain <olpc.org> has been squatted... and thus the link to <planet.olpc.org> links to a generic catch-all... I also assumed (correctly, I hope) that the intended link to the OLPC blogs was planet.laptop.org... please check. Cheers, --Xavi 22:12, 3 June 2007 (EDT)

comments / guidelines on IRC

[15:42:18] <_sj|> mnch, xavi : please contribute!  on the talk page or elsewhere 
[15:44:44] <_sj|> mnch: there's an easy way to have sth like xoxo that people could
                  subscribe to... a wikibot could post latest headlines to their 
[15:44:58] <_sj|> and then they would get rss feed updates or an email ping if they
                  have 'email notif'  for talk pages set
[15:45:44] <_sj|> I'd really like to launch it this week
[15:45:53] <_sj|> and be able to commit to publishing ~5 times a week
[15:46:02] <_sj|> but I need a few co-editors to post updates from the wiki and
                  mailing lists
[15:46:10] <_sj|> someone to do a weekly review of devel and sugar, for instance,
                  would be most useful
[15:46:29] <_sj|> and someone to do a review of RC   [this week: 300 new pages in
                  olpc korea.  10 new  pages for software activities...]
[15:46:42] <_sj|> maybe php5 could help with this, since he monitors newpages for
                  things to translate
[15:46:55] <_sj|> I mean little things.  sugar bugs fixed, new contacts made, new
                  groups making an activity
[15:47:15] <_sj|> better put, News would then have a more reliable source of info
                  to include in the  more polished broadcast of what's going on
[15:47:28] <_sj|> anything interesting should make a show in xoxo
[15:47:38] <_sj|> just half a line, or a link in a list of links
[15:47:49] <_sj|> every developer could try to post a line a few times a week about
                  what they are working on
[15:48:08] <_sj|> regular meetings, on wiki or on irc or by phone, woudl get a line
                  with a link to any minutes
[15:48:08] <_sj|> &c
[15:48:29] <_sj|> good blog posts or news articles would get a link and part of a
                  line, from olpc-planet and other
[15:49:01] <_sj|> I'm thinking 1) summaries (a. mailing list  b. irc c. wiki)
[15:49:35] <_sj|> 2) updates (a. activities  b. partner projects  c. schools  
                  d. events/presentations)
[15:50:12] <_sj|> 3) ongoing discussions (a. blogs  b. vision/philosophy  c. feedback)
[15:51:05] <_sj|> 4) participation (a. code status  b. content creation 
                  c. art/outreach)
[15:51:53] <_sj|> ...snip... let me know if you're interested in volunteering for
                  some of the above as regular updates

Tentative Submissions

I found a thread on the sugar mailing list, but I'm not sure if you'll find it interesting as I did.

It begins with Rebecca Gettys sugesting about a possible "scratchpad" activity, where different types of media objects could be placed into, with some interaction possibilities between them. In Eben Eliason's, he mentions that eToys does this partly, then Alan Kay pops in and gives some insight into the philosophy of the eToys system, and a suggestion on how the entire OLPC environment could be tailored to approach that philosophy. In the end, getting no answer from the suggestion, the discussion ends. "In other words, Etoys per se are not nearly as important as the ideas and access to authoring power for children that they implement.". http://lists.laptop.org/pipermail/sugar/2007-June/002685.html

My text looks like a article right from a Tabloid :) , so you can reword as you see fit. P.S.-Even if you don't include it, I recommend reading the thread! See ya. HoboPrimate 16:45, 25 June 2007 (EDT)


130ish million births per year, call it about the same entering primary school, fudge by spreading them uniformly across the year...

300 thousand kids entered primary school today.

bad primary schools

That's why we're here.

Basics of Blogging

The basics of blogging are twofold: continuity and community. It is important to update a blog regularly, on a schedule, so people can know when to expect an update and when not to. This is less important over RSS, but still important. And a blog should really foster communication by it's posts, it should accept comments, trackbacks and the author should actively respond to such comments. That is if crossposting this newsletter (pushed) to a blog (pull, and preferable IMO). In fact using a wordpress (OSS) install would allow easy integration with a push based newsletter service. is for Insects 18:29, 4 January 2008 (EST)