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We are a group of students from Ashesi University College, Ghana, who are planning to engage in the OLPC program in Dundori, Kenya in a school called Janet Primary School. The school manages children ranging from three to sixteen years old. The group plans to partner with Great Commission Trust and is simultaneously coordinating with the head teacher of Janet Primary School as local partners (letter of support from Great Commissions’ Trust (NGO) and the Janet School / web letter of support ). During our stay there the group teaching a hundred or more students between the ages of six to twelve on how to use the XO laptops.


It has become evident to us as stakeholders of our homeland and beneficiaries of some of the best educational facilities that this continent has to offer to integrate a range of ICT skills into student learning. We like to be catalysts actively involved in building every facet of potential growth. Our aim is to offer our support and encourage an interest in ICT in Africa, specifically children from low income homes through a life changing experience.


We have noticed that one weakness of the OLPC project is that there is a lack of trained teachers in using XO PC’s within the home country in which the program has been initiated. We hope to train up to about 3 teachers on how to integrate their school curriculum with using very basic XO PC functions. For example we hope to help basic school math teachers to teach simple arithmetic using shapes, diagrams and sketches. Also English language teachers will be aided in teaching students how to manipulate text, font and other accessories available to produce creative typed out poetry.