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“OLPCorps: Fourah Bay College_Sierra Leone”

Download this team's proposal draft in .doc, .pdf.

Everyman is a product of history and the things he learn. Peak Performance Sierra Leone is an arm of Zion Evangelistics Ministries, a Christian organisation which believes in raising excellent children and youth that will produce excellent family, excellent home, excellent community, excellent nation, excellent continent and thus excellent world. We believe that the state of our world 50-100 years from now depend on the quality of our children and youths today. To this end we have been organising career conferences and yearly youth conferences that geared towards building the ‘total man’ to make the difference.

OLPCorps Fourah Bay College team is a cross section of Peak Performance Sierra Leone that comprises of at least qualifying year students from different faculties in the college such as, Engineering, Geology, Economics and Arts. All team members have at least a basic knowledge in IT. We hereby apply for the OLPC Africa Project in order to deploy XO’s in a less privilege primary school called New England Community Primary School located at Smart lane New England Freetown which is rural in definition and needs.

Children between the ages of 6&12 will benefit directly from the deployment of these XO’s from June-August. However during part of that period the children will be having a holiday (long vacation) and this will be handled by orientating their parents about the program in a meeting that will be held for them, so that they would allow their children to be coming to the school for continuity.

We believe that children have the ability to assimilate faster at very early ages and develop very quickly in other ways, hence through socialisation-learning what constitutes reality by instructing them on the basis of what to do and using techniques advocated by the OLPC Association will help the children acquire the appropriate skills. This goes far beyond just mere teaching. Generally it is said that no man is an island which means that it is impossible for one to learn alone. In that light, we are going to make the children learners and teachers by allowing them to teach one another and share ideas thus becoming agents of change. We are going to be fully committed in making maximum use of the innovation provided by the XO laptops.

Zion Evangelistic Ministries, our local partner, will gladly incorporate the deployment of XO’s into her program for the year. Members of the team are already partners thereby accounting for sustainability. To this end, store house will not only be provided for the storage of the equipment by our local partner, but also new members will be recruited as time goes by to replace old members that would be leaving.

We as members of the team have experienced learning through praises and reprimands. We believe that this will help the children to adapt to personal bureaucratic requirements. Role performance will also allow the children to formulate their behaviour mentally so that they can shape their actions in appropriate ways. To ensure financial sustainability of this project, funding will be coming from contributions and donations made by members of the team and non members who may share the vision with us.

The language of the school and community is well understood by team accounting for easy flow of communication. Attached to this proposal is the letter of support from our local partner and budget for the project. As a team we have all it takes- time, energy, passion, qualification and dedication. We also have this burning desire to extend the opportunity to the street children. These children are less privileged than even their contemporaries that are going to school. Most of them have the potential to do exploit and we cannot afford to see potential leaders ruin their future. These children need serious attention as most of them are on the verge of becoming prostitutes and armed robbers which is a nuisance to our world. Please you mail us at peakperformancesierraleone@yahoo.com to confirm your support of this project. Give us a try to be part of this all time global movement and you will never regret it. We look forward to your utmost consideration and acceptance. Thank you.


No Item Cost/Unit Quantity Total cost 1 Transportation to Kigali $1859 2 members $3718 2 Deployment Process $700 - $700 3 Facilitation for 9 weeks $2200 - $2200 4 Refreshment & Appreciation for 9 weeks $1500 - $1500 5 Projector $1000 1 $1000 6 Fuel for Standby Generator for 9 weeks $500 - $500 7 Miscellaneous $300 - $300 8 GRAND TOTAL