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Education in Tanzania

Our Mission

Our goal in working with Kili Centre is to use the XO's to facilitate the re-entrance of orphans and street children back into the local public education system. With the help of the XO's and our working knowledge of Kiswahili language, we are hoping to develop the English language capabilities of these children to a level required to progress through the Tazanian school system.

Team Members

Our team will consist of Brittany Woedl and Amy Andreas, May 2009 graduates of Indiana University. We both are majoring in international studies with a regional concentration in Africa and have a minor in Kiswahili language. We studied abroad at the University of Dar es Salaam in 2007, so we are very familiar with life in Tanzania and should have little trouble communicating to the children in Kiswahili.


Target Recipients

The majority of children housed at the Kili Centre are between OLPC’s target age range, and additional students aged 6-12 who are served by centre will also be chosen to participate. While school will not be in session during the summer months, the Kili Centre serves these children year round, so access will not be limited by the time frame.


Since Kili Centre had been planning to implement a computer access program of a much smaller and less advanced capacity before we contacted them, sustaining our mission after we leave is well within reach. With the help of OLPC, the Kili Centre would now be able spend the money budgeted for 14 dilapidated desktop computers on a year round IT instructor at a very low cost. In addition, the Kilimanjaro region hosts by far the most foreign volunteers in the country, so we would also like to enlist these and other tourists to help support our program financially and through time volunteered.


Airfare (Indianapolis-Kigali)- $2000 x 2 = $4000

Travel from Kigali to Moshi, TZ- 300 x 2 = $600

Travel Insurance- $200 x 2 = $400

Malaria Prophylaxis- $20 x 2 = $40

Tanzania Visa Costs- $100 x 2 = $200

Accommodations- $300 x 2 = $600

Food- $600 x 2 = $1200

Cellular Phone Minutes- $100 x 2 = $200

Local Transportation, Additional Living Expenses - $300

Preliminary Costs: $7,540

(The $2,460 left, the unused money budgeted for additional expences, and money fundraised within our community will go towards the salary of a local IT instructor, program maintenance, and costs associated with possibly providing internet access)

Total Costs: $10,000+

Kili Centre

Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania Kili Centre is a rural non-profit organization outside of Moshi, Tanzania that houses 38 orphans between the ages of 3-14, as well as offers programs and support for hundreds of local street children in the Kilimanjaro region. Kili Centre strives to support the education of all of these children in local schools so that they can grow up to be productive citizens in the community.

Visit Kili Centre's website

Kili Centre Letter of Support





The heading above is concerned. Kili centre is a registered Tanzanian Non-Governmental organization (NGO) that provides care to orphans and street children who have no where to get protection and developmental services in Kilimanjaro region. It was founded in June 2006 by Michael Mpombo and it is situated in Moshi Rural, Uru Kusini Ward (Kariwa Village)-Opposite to Ushirika wa Neema.

Kili Centre offers parental care and services to orphans and street children in Moshi and the surrounding areas. It provides safe shelter, healthy meals, health services, education and skills development, recreation, and a caring staff to orphans and street children between the ages of 3 and 14. Currently it houses 40 children (19 girls and 21 boys).

The management of Kili centre would like to take this opportunity to inform you officially that your proposal of conducting computer training to Tanzanian children of age between 6 – 12 years old has been accepted. Our organization is ready to host you here in Tanzania and provide the needed support for your project to succeed.

This letter of acceptance is the result of the fact that your proposal is in line with our computer program that we are intending to implement both at the centre and in the rural communities of Kilimanjaro region. So, your letter of request came at right time as we currently have one computer class room which can be filled with 11 computers for training. We also operate in the rural communities where computer skills are needed most by majority of community members such as children.

We are looking forward to hearing from you as soon as you receive this letter of acceptance.

Yours truly,

Michael A. Mpombo

Executive Director,

Kili Centre.