OLPCorps UCSD Congo Budget

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The budget estimates are based on 9-week x 7 days, for a total of 63 days project duration.

Project Budget items Cost per member Group total
Airfare $3,000 $9,000
Lodging (Room/board): 63 x $3/day $315 $945
Food/Meals: 63 days x $2.5/day $ 157.5 $ 472.5
Transportation: 63 days x $1.5 $ 94.50 $ 283.50
Other equipments/materials $100 $ 300
Total $3,667 $11,001

Project financial needs. The airfares to Kigali is estimated to be around $9,000 including an estimated total travel cost from Kigali to the field office in Uvira of $250. For housing, CAADEC will provide up to 10% of the stipend that we receive for the nine weeks we will be there, which is estimated to be around $ 945. Local transportation costs while in Uvira are estimated to be around $283.50. Foods/meals are estimated to be around $2.50 per day for a total of $157.5 per person for the duration of the project. The total cost for three members to execute this project comes close to $11,000 including CAADEC’s supplemental financial assistance.