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Help kids everywhere map Their world!

Attend olpcMAP JAMs! Southern California on Feb 27

OLPC France on Mar 6

eKindling and the Philippines on Mar 13

French/West Africa on Mar 20

Kenya on Mar 27

OLPC Austria on Apr 3

SugarLabs DC & OLPC Learning Club on Apr 10

OLPC Deutschland on Apr 17

Ghana on Apr 24

More coming! E-mail or edit wiki

Add Local Projects to the Map!

NEW PDF Tutorial (with Screenflow Animation)


To add a marker

  • Use the search and Google Maps to find your location
  • Click Join the Map Network on the top toolbar
  • Click and drag the marker into place
  • Type in your e-mail, then click Plant Marker
  • Go through editor pages to set information, icon, and photo
  • At any point, click Save Edits

To edit markers

  • Use the search to find the place or marker that you'll edit
  • Click marker
  • On the top of the info window, click Edit
  • Go through editor pages to set information, icon, and photo
  • At any point, click Save Edits

Map Editing FAQ

Troubleshooting : click Contact to write to the community curators (beautify@olpcMAP.net)

Whose e-mail should I provide on the map?

E-mails should go to a volunteer or coordinator who can answer or forward questions about the project. If a volunteer writes and says "That's awesome; I'd like to volunteer there!" the coordinator is someone who can help them along.

How private is my e-mail?

Your e-mail address is kept in our database so we can process and forward mail from the Contact form. This hides your e-mail from users of our page and spinoff maps.

If you prefer to have a link to your organization's website or contact page, let us know through the main Contact form.

Open Community Architecture

In a democracy, we are each others' infrastructure. Our geo-social fabric takes inspiration from:

  • Dialogue between public and private community spaces


  • Good Faith Collaboration = people who share a passion to learn, by interacting regularly, and conscientiously


  • Creativity = allowing yourself to make mistakes
  • ART = knowing which ones to keep
  • 1 Billion children who are tired of waiting!

Open Source Effort

olpcMAP is written in Python and is hosted on Google App Engine

The code is fully open-source at http://code.google.com/p/olpc-map-net ; it can be run on open-source platforms such as TyphoonAE and AppScale.

Add issues or tackle problems listed at http://code.google.com/p/olpc-map-net/issues/list

API: Integrate maps into other sites & community services

Evolving here: OlpcMAP/data-api

Join our olpcMAPmakers mailing list!

Become a Map Maker, if you enjoy curatorial gardening of any kind! Please join and help cultivate our public discussion list -- just send email to:


Archives are here:


To Do

Some of THE most important spatial media we need to welcome, are our established geo-communities:

 http://www.openwijs.nl/referenties/olpc 12 Dutch-originated microdeployments, on 3 continents?
 http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Deployments (already completed? move to "Inspiration" section below if so!)
 Actual "landmark" stickers on paper/laminate map at the Kleiders' house, from http://olpcSF.org/summit 2010!
 http://www.widernet.org/egranary/ (eGranary Digital Libraries AKA "The Internet in a Box" w/ 14 million docs each?)
 eg. http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msa=0&msid=110300756731284107900.00046b13c0e8e5f0f820a
 geolocating-on-map forward-looking OLPC News stories, http://blog.laptop.org stories, http://planet.laptop.org blogs, and insightful Country Backgrounders etc!
 geolocating-on-map more of our global movement exceptional individual volunteers, reaching out to those who've asked for such via volunteer@laptop.org (etc) over the past 3 years
 http://www.re-public.gr/en/olpc/ Greece deployment(s) (http://blog.laptop.org/2010/03/30/olpc-greece-28-participating-schools/)

EG. What attractive iconography best represents your own local community's best efforts??

 http://EscueLab.org  (Lima, Peru)
 http://olpcLearningClub.org  (Washington DC, possible icon 1, larger 427 × 306 pixel JPEG)
 http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Southern_California_OLPC_Projects  (incl Google Map of local prjcts!)
 http://olpc.at  (OLPC Austria)
 (Uruguay's many strong groups have brilliant logos already; showcase these on our main page to spark others??)

Inspiration maps & feeds

A Million Thanks go to these groups whose community feeds we're already tapping:

 http://laptop.org/map/ (500+ kids/XOs)
 http://bit.ly/c20CRz (OLPCorps Africa, 2009)
 http://www.olpccanada.com/content.php?id=17 / http://www.olpccanada.com/doc/OLPC_Canada_Schools_Map.pdf

Please write us if you have/want ideas for more dynamically illustrating the Human Vibrancy of your community, its teachers and its children!

Global MAP making SPRINT: Dec 27-31, 2010 in Boston

Archived at OlpcMAP/2010Sprint


http://twitter.com/olpcMAP (beginning slowly, Tweeters needed :)

Best blogs so far:

Dynamic newsletter/blog anticipated...contact Marina if you enjoy communications & can help!

Or help in any other way, even if just asking us for newsletter or fun/regional updates emailed occasionally :)