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This is one of the template files for the new—as of January, 2007—laptop.org website. Translators, please note that this is a template file. You should copy this file into a PO file specific to your target language rather than doing in-line edits here, e.g., PO-laptop.org-foundation-es.

The PO files are organized by sections: some basic terms common to many pages and pages that represent the top level of the website hierarchy are here: User:Felice/website_copy_top_level. Individual sections are User:Felice/website_copy_vision; User:Felice/website_copy_laptop; User:Felice/website_copy_foundation; and User:Felice/website_copy_children. Auxiliary pages are here: User:Felice/website_copy_auxiliary;

When translating, please do not change the msgid strings; please do translate the text in quotes after the msgstr tokens, e.g.:

msgid "cat"
msgstr "cat"


msgid "cat"
msgstr "gato"

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# these pages are for the Foundation Section

#: purpose.html

msgid "purposetitle"
msgstr "Purpose: The OLPC Foundation is a tax-exempt, social-benefit organization"

msgid "purposedescription"
msgstr "The OLPC Foundation's mission to stimulate grassroots initiatives designed to enhance and sustain the effectiveness of XO laptops as learning tools for children living in lesser-developed countries."

msgid "purposeh1"
msgstr "purpose"

msgid "purposeh2"
msgstr "Mission"

msgid "purposep1"
msgstr "The OLPC Foundation's mission is to stimulate local grassroots initiatives designed to enhance and sustain over time the effectiveness of XO laptops as learning tools for children living in lesser-developed countries."

msgid "purposeh3"
msgstr "Organization"

msgid "purposep2"
msgstr "The OLPC Foundation is a tax-exempt (501c3) social-benefit organization chartered in the State of Delaware and headquartered at One Cambridge Center, Cambridge Massachusetts, 02142."

msgid "purposeh4"
msgstr "Board"

msgid "purposebullet1"
msgstr "Nicholas Negroponte, Chairman"

msgid "purposebullet2"
msgstr "Richard Rowe, President"

msgid "purposebullet3"
msgstr "Ashton Hawkins, Secretary"

msgid "purposebullet4"
msgstr "Robert D. Fadel"

msgid "purposebullet5"
msgstr "Calestous Juma"

#: program.html

msgid "programtitle"
msgstr "Program: Enhance learning among children in lesser-developed countries — OLPC Foundation"

msgid "programdescription"
msgstr "The OLPC Foundation identifies programs and initiatives consistent with its mission to enhance learning among children in lesser-developed countries."

msgid "programh1"
msgstr "The Foundation's Program — focus on grassroots innovations"

msgid "programp1"
msgstr "The mission of the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) movement is to ensure that all school-aged children in the developing world are able to engage effectively with their own personal laptop, networked to the world, so that they, their families and their communities can openly learn and learn about learning."

msgid "programp2"
msgstr "The OLPC Association focuses on designing, manufacturing and distributing XO laptops to children in lesser developed countries, initially concentrating on those governments that have made commitments for the funding and program support required to ensure that all of their children own and can effectively use a laptop."

msgid "programp3"
msgstr "Initially the OLPC Foundation is focusing on the grassroots, “bottom-up” aspects of the OLPC mission. It provides grants and loans for the development and use of open educational resources and grassroots learning innovations that enhance the effectiveness of the XO in lesser developed communities around the world for children, their families and communities."

msgid "programp4"
msgstr "This can include proposals such as:"

msgid "programindenta"
msgstr "(a) Online, open-source, wiki-textbooks, math and science projects, dictionaries, geographies, histories, social studies, health and nutrition courses, and translations into indigenous languages. These materials can be customized for a particular region or group of children or for more general use throughout the XO world;"

msgid "programindentb"
msgstr "(b) Software applications not otherwise available on XO that will enhance the general usefulness of XO's in every location. This could be, for example, educational games; collaborative and archiving tools; or artistic, video and graphic tools;"

msgid "programindentc"
msgstr "(c) Peripherals that will increase the effectiveness of the XO. These may include a variety of manual battery chargers and low-cost USB peripherals that extend the ways the XO can be used to benefit children, their families and their communities; and"

msgid "programindentd"
msgstr "(d) Organizational capacity building innovations that will enhance children's learning by improving their broader learning environment and/or by enabling them to become acquainted with, and interact with, children from different countries and cultures."

msgid "programp5"
msgstr "All materials and peripherals developed with OLPC Foundation support must follow open source formats and standards and be available without fee for use by any child with an XO laptop."

msgid "programp6"
msgstr "The deadline for applications for the first round of Grassroots Innovations is 31 May 2007. Applicants will be informed no later than 30 June concerning the status of their proposal. Applicants need to understand that at this point OLPC and the OPLC Foundation are severely limited in the number of such programs they can support. Those who wish to apply for such a Grassroots Learning Innovations, need to go to the link below and fill out the application."

msgid "programp7"
msgstr "<a href="http://www.vikingdev.com/grassroots/index.php?a=1">Go to Application for Grassroots Innovation Proposal</a>"

msgid "programh2"
msgstr "Special Laptop Program"

msgid "programp8"
msgstr "The Foundation is in the process of raising funds that will enable it, in the future, to subsidize the cost of XO laptops to groups of children who will not be provided XO's by governments because of the special nature of their circumstances."

msgid "programp9"
msgstr "Examples of these exceptional cases include programs for refugee children, for children in isolated parts of a country who are not included in a government program, and for children living in exceptionally poor countries. Support for such Special Laptop Programs will be dependent upon funding from outside sources that can be used for this purpose."

msgid "programp10"
msgstr "Because of the limitations of the Foundation's current funding and because of the importance of ensuring highly effective content and support for the initial phases of this program, the Foundation is not accepting applications for the funding of Special Laptop Programs at this point. It is hoped that this program can be activated before the end of 2007."

#: participate.html

msgid "participatetitle"
msgstr "Participate: Invest your money and your time in OLPC project"

msgid "participatedescription"
msgstr "The OLPC Foundation works to advance their initiative by raising money to purchase and distribute learning-driven laptops to children."

msgid "participateh1"
msgstr "Contribute"

msgid "participatep1"
msgstr "The One Laptop per Child Foundation is supported by individuals, businesses and foundations. Contributions large and small are greatly appreciated and will be used to support grassroots learning innovations throughout the lesser-developed world. Contributions may be sent to: "

msgid "participatep2"
msgstr "or for credit card contributions"

msgid "participateh2"
msgstr "OLPC Foundation Volunteer Service"

msgid "participatep3"
msgstr "The primary mission of the OLPC movement is to ensure that every school-aged child in the lesser-developed parts of the world owns their own personal laptop that they can use to learn and to learn about learning."

msgid "participatep4"
msgstr "As a part of its mission, the OLPC Foundation maintains a Web-based listing of individuals and organizations who are prepared to contribute their services and/or products in support of children in XO laptop programs throughout the world."

msgid "participatep5"
msgstr "All activities undertaken as a result of contacts made through this OLPC Foundation Volunteer Service must be done on a strictly volunteer basis and all intellectual property generated as a part of this Service will be considered in the public domain and therefore not subject to any royalty or copyright fees. Volunteers may not charge a fee for the time, effort invested, or ideas generated as a part of this service. In exceptional cases, volunteers may be reimbursed for direct out-of-pocket expenses, but only on the basis of prior written agreements with the related program(s). An executed, electronic copy the agreement must be provided in advance to the OLPC Foundation."

msgid "participatep6"
msgstr "The information provided in all applications will be reviewed and, if appropriate, will be posted on the OLPC Foundation Website. {You may be contacted.}"

msgid "participatep7"
msgstr "I have read the above terms and conditions of the OLPC Foundation Volunteer Service and agree that any service or product that I provide through this Service will be subject to these terms and conditions."

msgid "participatep8"
msgstr "Go to Application for OLPC Volunteer Service"

msgid "participatep9"
msgstr "You must agree to the terms and conditions before proceeding."

#: propose.html

msgid "proposetitle"
msgstr "Propose: Special OLPC Programs and Grassroots Learning Intiatives"

msgid "proposedescription"
msgstr "Special OLPC Programs involve the purchase and delivery of XO laptops for use by children in lesser-developed countries."

msgid "proposerightsidebar1"
msgstr "grassroots learning innovations"