Peripherals/Drawing Wand

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The basic idea is to have a device similar to the wooden baton with a light sensor, which I saw at OLPC during the summer, however add a few more simple sensors (like acceleration sensors) to detect motion of the wand (in 3 dimensional space). Once integrated with Sugar, one would be able to do a variety of things with it including control musical tempo, pitch in TamTam Activity , paining in Paint Activity in air, drawing or writing characters in air, playing games with it , using it as a general pointing device etc. This would enable kids to have an intuitive and fun device as an expression of their creativity. All this with just a few simple sensors on a wooden baton. They can 'magic' their way to an education, that's why I like to call it the "magic wand".


  • Concept: Various people inclusing Carla Gomez Monroy, Arjun Sarwal and Joshua Seal