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Starting with operating system Update.1 build 703, 'base software' design does not include any activities, however, it does include a simple mechanism for creating activities bundles for customization of activity and library collections.

Downloading the bundles

The current version of the Peru bundles can be download from You'll also need the customization key files (

Unzip both files into the root directory of a USB flash drive. You should end up with two directories off of the root:


Boot contains scripts used for installing the bundles. Bundles contains the bundles that will be installed.

Reboot your XO laptop with the USB flash drive inserted. The bundles will be installed into /home/olpc/Activities and /home/olpc/Library

(If you have security turned off, you'll need to boot your XO with the × gamekey depressed.)

Peru deployment

The OLPC Peru deployment (as of March'2008, estimated to be over 250,000) units will be deployed in Peru with the base system software and the following activities. Additional activities, of course, can be added on a school-by-school, classroom-by-classroom, or individual basis. The decision to preload so many activities is to ensure a broad coverage in light of the expectation of intermittent interact access in the initial phases of the deployment. (In addition to activities, a number of content bundles are being prepared: books, poetry, etc.)

In addition to the Journal, which is still part of the base system, approximately 40 activities will be preinstalled.

Ordered list of the activities displayed in the frame (See [1]):

  • org.laptop.AbiWordActivity
  • org.codewiz.XaoS
  • org.laptop.WebActivity
  • org.laptop.Oficina
  • org.laptop.Calculate
  • com.laptop.Ruler
  • org.laptop.AcousticMeasure
  • tv.alterna.Clock
  • net.gcompris.geographyActivity
  • net.gcompris.tangramActivity
  • org.laptop.Chat
  • org.laptop.RecordActivity
  • org.laptop.StopWatchActivity
  • org.laptop.TamTamMini
  • org.laptop.TamTamJam
  • org.laptop.TamTamEdit
  • org.laptop.TamTamSynthLab
  • org.laptop.TurtleArtwithSensors
  • org.vpri.EtoysActivity
  • org.laptop.Pippy
  • org.laptop.Memorize
  • com.jotaro.ImplodeActivity
  • org.laptop.Connect
  • vu.lux.olpc.Maze
  • org.worldwideworkshop.olpc.JigsawPuzzle
  • org.worldwideworkshop.olpc.SliderPuzzle
  • vu.lux.olpc.Speak
  • net.gcompris.chess_computerActivity
  • net.gcompris.scalesboardActivity
  • net.gcompris.sudokuActivity
  • org.laptop.MeasureActivity
  • org.laptop.Terminal

Read and Watch & Listen do not appear on the taskbar, but will be in the bundle.

Other activities that will likely be added:

  • Words
  • Analyze
  • Log
  • Moon
  • Starchart

Feel free to make suggestions here or [2].

See also

  • The final location of this list will appear in Peru's version of: