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We had a "state of the OLPC" mini-conference at OLPC headquarters in Has location city::Cambridge Has location country::USA on Start date::April 3, 2008 - End date::April 4, 2008.

Sorry, we couldn't do real-time streaming; we got most of the talks on DV, and I'm finally done encoding and posting them; let me know if you want/need different formats or resolutions.


Thursday (April 3)

  • 12:30pm: "The Hand Key" (Video)
    • We discussed the hand key: implementing it might not be so hard!
  • 12:45pm: Ben Schwartz, "Frameworks for collaboration" (Slides and video)
  • 1:30pm: Richard Smith, "Suspend/Resume"
    • Merged with Chris' talk.
  • 2:30pm: Chris Ball, "Power Management" (Video)
  • 3:30pm: break
  • 4:00pm: Eben Eliason, "New Activity management design" (Lightning talk) (Video)
  • 4:30pm: Eben Eliason, "Automatic transfer/update of activities" (Lightning talk) (Video)
  • 5:00pm: Edward Cherlin, "State of i18n" (Lightning talk) (Slides and speaker notes)

Friday (April 4)

Additional proposed talks

The following talks were proposed, but the proposer was unable to be present.

  • "Removable Activities" (Mikus Grinbergs) (related to datastore work and activity management)
  • "Sugar Performance" (Tomeu Vizoso)
  • (Better integration with legacy) "Desktop Applications" (Marco Gritti)
  • "Performance, Performance, Performance" (Mitch Bradley)

Presenter guidelines

For the 1-hour long talk categories, the goal was ~25 minutes of "presentation" and ~25 minutes of "discussion" (interleaved if you like), with a 5 minute leg-stretch break between talks. For the lightning talks, we aimed at ~10 minutes of presentation, the same ~25 minutes of discussion, and 5 minutes of R&R.