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Mike Lee
Mike Lee
Projects: Besides what's on my OLPC wiki user page, I co-manage the OLPC Learning Club in Washington, D.C.

I have been a sponsor of the MIT Media Lab for the last several years through my day job at a large non-profit organization. It was there at the lab that I came to be involved with OLPC as Nicholas and Walter moved over to the spinoff association. I hope to find ways to use the XO to connect generations young and old.

In February 2013, as part of a USAID/WorldVision All Children Reading Challenge Grant, I worked at a children's library in Lusaka, Zambia for almost three weeks teaching multimedia programming in Squeak Etoys to vulnerable youth using OLPC XO laptops.

Starting in June 2013, I'm supporting the Unleash Kids Campaign.

Mike Lee Washington, D.C.