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  • The Laptop comes with Python, as well as a Python interactive shell, Pippy. It also comes with Javascript, Squeak, and Csound. Turtle Art allows some concrete imperative programming by snapping graphical block elements together, but there is currently no LOGO equivalent.
  • Other general-purpose programming languages currently available as Free Software for Linux include LOGO, Smalltalk/gst, Squeak, LISP/Scheme/Guile, Python, Perl, Ruby, Javascript, bash, awk, TCL, C, C++, Java, APL/A+/J, FORTH, FORTRAN, Ada, Haskell, Pascal, Erlang, Kaya, Lua, Oz, Ocaml, Pike, Scala, Slate, and SPL.
  • Debian Jr. Programming (junior-programming) is a package of languages meant for children, including Logo and Littlewizard.
  • Research has been done (links needed) on the use of APL, LISP, and LOGO, at least in elementary school classrooms.
Research on Logo, Effects and Efficacy
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