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is a (growing) list of projects being worked on for/around the XO laptops

Integration and aggregation of material,
Interface design,
Accessibility, and
  • For more information about activities with their own sugar packaging, see the Activities page.
  • For more information about activities that could use your help, see the Participate page.
  • For miscellaneous tasks, see the request board.

And here...

is a (growing) list of requests related to other work described on this wiki.

OLPC's Projects' Listing

Everyone who is part of the developer's program is involved in at least one project; please make sure that yours is listed below or on the Activities page.

Click on the name of any linked activity for detailed information about its design and development status.

OLPC Project List
Project Name Description In use Updated in Build l10n Status
Hardware Extensions
Peripherals Inexpensive peripherals to distribute with laptops
School Server Extensions
Moodle A classroom management system for students and teachers, including forums and a Wiki. See
Userspace tools Collabora, et al: Tubes & presence integration with sugar
Network manager
Firmware/drivers Integration issues
Speech Recognition, Text-to-Speech
Helix media activities a Helix Media Activity and helix browser plugins; both a fully free version (for olpc) and one with all available integrated codecs (for developer use) version 3+ available; not for anyone to download (licensing) but for devs who request it. Works well with rm and rv formats, okay with ogg formats (at low framerates), not yet with mpeg.
Gstreamer activities a Gstreamer browser plugin and possible standalone activity... Works with hacking; no full integration or separate codebase yet. Check with J5 about latest status. We need stronger Gstreamer contacts for this to be sustainable.
Educational Activities, Lesson Plans, and Templates
Etoys templates Examples of what to do with etoys, how to use it in the classroom and on one's own, great ideas to experiment with video, pdf
Example activities Examples of how to use the XO for learning, and to expand/enhance existing educational activities. Template: Activity_template
Game Libraries
PyGame A python library for developing graphical games; abstracting out the implementation of widgets, buttons, and screen manipulation
Gnash A free software Flash implementation; cf #gnash on and Rob Savoye Working; supports much of Flash 7, a little later ActionScript; active development, responsive to specific requests.
Content Bundles
Game Jam Bundle Games developed during the June 2007 Game Jam. To be packaged for the June 25th internal release.
Community Organizing
Participate wiki Site to collect/direct the OLPC community. Currently on the OLPC wiki. To be merged with the OLPC development site. Ideas welcome.
OLPC Library Portal Spec in progress.

Help wanted

Help offered

  • Translation/localization into En, from Es/De/Fr Sj talk
  • Some online design/interface design help : (contact User:Ianb for more)
  • Mentoring or hosting or site design : from

Contractors / interns wanted


  • Conall Ryan - looking for one contractor to work on reading apps and early-childhood game porting to sugar
  • - looking for someone to help them make their efforts more useful to OLPC; incl. at least one programmer

Now & ongoing

  • UNICEF - constantly looking for python programmers; could use another 1-2 contractors to work on
  • Ben Nardone - looking for one volunteer to work on health-related work. Now has someone, with a wiki account here...
  • World Food Program - theoretically looking for a programmer once they find support for a next-generation food-force game, perhaps in a few months.

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