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Deducto is a symbol-based deductive reasoning puzzle.

DEDUCTO offers a 5*5 board filled with four different types of animated figures (symbols). There are 10 levels in the game. The symbols would be arranged in different patterns in each level. The player’s task is to identify these patterns with the help of various examples and counter examples available. So player has to decide that if the given slide matches with the last few slides or do not and answer accordingly. Five correct answers in a row promotes the player to the next level. Each board identified incorrectly costs the player his efficiency, and obviously as the level increases it becomes harder to find the hidden relation ship between slides.

This game successfully challenges the logical and deductive skills of children and makes them think differently. Thus help them in using their Grey Matter.

The basic concept of DEDUCTO is given by Mr.Walter Bender.


The game aims at making children think differently by making them identify patterns. In this way students enhance their concentration as well as thinking capabilities. It conforms to OLPC’s objective of making the child learn and grow intellectually.


This is a Pattern Matching game and showcases a 5*5 board with black and white boxes. These 25 boxes are arranged in a particular pattern. The player’s adeptness is in identifying that pattern.

At the start of the game, the player sees a board with evenly arranged black and white boxes and a message "Welcome to Deducto".


The Sample Tab would produce an example , a TRUE board by default.

A TRUE board is a board where boxes are arranged according to the pattern set for the level at which player is playing.

By clicking on the FALSE tab at the bottom of the screen,a false board is generated. This board has boxes arranged in a manner which is opposite to the set pattern.

These True and False boards assist the player in identifying the pattern.



It starts a fresh new game starting from Level '1'.

•• SAVE :

It saves the currently running game so that the player can come back to it later on.

•• OPEN :

It opens the last saved game to its original status.


After the player has gone through samples, he can click on Resume tab to restore the original status of the game.


It gives the instructions on how to play the game.


It displays some information about the game - Deducto


This tab opens a new window displaying the following information :

1. Correctly answered : Total number of correct answers given by the player up till now.

2. Total Answered : Total number of answers (Correct or Incorrect) given by the player up till now.

3. Efficiency : This displays the efficiency of the player.


Following new changes have been planned :

1. A feature by which a user will have the facility to create levels by himself and add them to the game. His game would not end on the 10 default levels provided. This will make the child think and create levels with different patterns, which he can then make the other child play. This will provide children with a congenial environment to think, create and play collectively.