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Project Details

The Development of the GreenThumb Activity

Address: Department of Computer Science and Technology
Visayas State University Visca, Baybay, Leyte
Phone: +63 053-335-2120

Project Members:

Nadine Piol (Team Leader)
Education: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Student (on-going, Senior Level)

  • Software Engineer
  • Develop specifications for the software, implement game specifications, design user interface

Marilyn Platero
Education: Bachelor of Science in Statistics
Profession: Researh Assistant (ATI, VSU)

  • Researcher
  • provide the various materials/resources needed for the development of the GreenThumb activity, implement game specifications

Bon Anthony Costillas
Education: Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (on-going, Senior Level)

  • Game Consultant
  • scrutinize game designs, design user interface, implement game specifications


  1. To devise a game design incorporating mesh networking to achieve a mechanism for sharing of ideas, discussion and collaborative learning.
  2. To design a system architecture for efficient use of memory in implementing simulation processes that shall be necessary in demonstrating fundamental genetic and biological concepts and to inculcate, within the child, the importance of the environment, how relationships and interactions between plants, animals and humans can change (harm or make better) the world.
  3. To develop a simple, easy-to-use, adaptable and fail-soft User Interface encouraging creative exploration among its users.

Plan of Action

  1. Test the mesh networking and other hardware capabilities of the XO laptops.
  2. Consider mesh networking and other possible technical problems in the building and specifying game design/software specifications.
  3. Formulate an algorithm efficient in memory usage and resulting to game design requirements.
  4. Design a user-friendly interface.
  5. Collect various data needed for game development.
  6. Review game design and finalize specification.
  7. Implement, test and debug.


  1. There is no activity that will open the eyes of the learners the value of the environment.
  2. There is a lack of alternatives for teachers to demonstrate fundamental genetic/biological concepts (e.g. selection, dominance of traits). thus, it is to benefit the greater OLPC/Sugar community and to create an impact outside the #OLPC/Sugar community as it can

Sharing Deliverable/s

  • Three (3) laptops will be needed for the testing of the capabilities and possible defects that may affect the software requirements of the project as it is necessary for us to know how we can develop such activity for the XO laptop that the simulating would not be enough to consider the effects such software to the hardware in question.
  • This will allow us to further consider the application of the mesh networking concept to the game design specifications and for the implementations of this project.
  • This number will also aid us in program testing and debugging. Thus, in this context, any XO machine working properly is highly appreciated.
  • All developments and updates regarding the GreenThumb project will be published in the GreenThumb blogsite.
  • This wiki project page will be edited monthly or whenever it is appropriate.
  • An email regarding the on-going progress of the project will be sent to the contributors At laptop dot org at least weekly.
  • The resulting software, aside from being downloadable directly from this site will be added as a Sugar activity to facilitate its distribution to learners everywhere. But if in case the project stalls or in the case where the laptops will no longer be needed, they will be handed to a local OLPC group or other interested contributors.


  • Milestone 1
    • Month 1: Data Collecting/Gathering and Consultation (Milestone1)
    • Month 1 and 2: (After Milestone1)
  • Milestone 2
    • Game Design Specification
    • Month 1 to 3:
      • System Architecture Design
    • Month 3: (After Milestone2)
  • Milestone 3
    • Game Design Review and Finalization
    • Month 4 to 7: Game Design Implementation
    • Month 6 to 9: Testing and Debugging
    • Month 10: Software Evaluation

Project Specification

The GreenThumb activity will be developed using the Python programming language.

The first month will be spent in formulating a list of limitations for the activity and to answer the following questions:
1. Is it feasible to do the activity in 3D with great consideration on the resolution and processing speed of the XO laptops?
2. How do we handle the sharing of the activity on the mesh network upon the disconnection of a mesh point? How about upon reconnection?
3. What is the probability of uncovering more hardware defects that may hinder the development? To what degree will this limit the development?

Activity Description:
The game allows an avenue for the conducting of biological/genetic-related experiments. It gives the player the chance to choose his/her own preferences in the various factors that will affect the experiment. That is, upon starting the activity, the player will be asked to pick the kind of plant (e.g. size, color), the number of plants and the area in which it is to be planted or transferred (e.g. greenhouse, forest). The player is able to change the settings of the various factors of the experiment (e.g. degree of sunlight, water). In areas other than the greenhouse, various interaction processes between plants and animals will be shown. The child can set the activity active for a particular time so that the effects will be shown for that given time. Upon sharing of the activity, the player will be able to give, receive, exchange and breed plants with other players.

Project Development

  • GreenThumb blogsite
  • Tomorrow, October 17, it'll be a month since we have received the 3 XOs we have requested. We have named them ion, driven and milk. It was a hard task circling them around because of the unpredictable weather and each team member's schedule. Month 1's over. After each of us is done with our academic requirements, we will meet for the deliberations with regards to the specifications of the activity we are trying to develop.