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If you're running Mac OS X 10.4 on an Intel or PowerPC Mac, here is one method to install pygame that is relatively simple.


  • Xcode

If you don't have the Xcode development tools installed, insert your Mac OS X install CD and install the Xcode tools from there. Alternatively, you can download the 924MB (!) installation directly from Apple.

  • X11

Install the X11 package from your Mac OS X install CD. I couldn't find a 10.4-compatible version on the web, so you're on your own if you can't find your installation disc.

Installing DarwinPorts

DarwinPorts is a package management system that makes it easy to install a bunch of open source software. You can download it here. Double-click the installer and follow the instructions on-screen.

Installing pygame

Once you have DarwinPorts installed, open a Terminal window. Make sure you have the latest version by running the following command:

sudo port selfupdate

Then, install pygame and its dependencies:

sudo port install py-game