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  • To awake the interest for the scientific knowledge;
  • To allow free experimentation of the tool;
  • To allow the project construction;


The activity is an environment of simulation in the diverse areas of Science.
The users can create its simulation using preexisting objects or create them for drawings.
The describing objects of an experiment any can have its adjusted properties.
The activity searchs to mesclar elements of "distinct" areas of the knowledge.

It is possible to mesclar elements of physics and chemistry, as well as biology. In the biology area, the experiments allow the user to make genetic mixtures, mixing characteristic of beings livings creature.
The activity has two distinct ways: one of criação/simulação of experiments and another one of challenges.

The challenge way functions as a game in which has an objective to fulfill, as to make a ball to reach a target or, to create an arrangement whose thermal rocking makes the water in a container to congeal in 50 seconds.


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Source Code and Projects in Early Development